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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Public Is Outraged At The BBC Over Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross Trivial Nonsense. The BBC's Anti-English Bile Is Ignored...

"The Last Man In Europe" was apparently a title favoured for 1984 by George Orwell (who was initially going to set his masterpiece in 1980, then in 1982!). By this, he obviously meant last thinking man in Europe. It seems there are very few thinking people left in England in 2008. As the BBC wastes no opportunity to ignore or cast slurs on the English and England, the public is up in arms. Over a storm in a teacup. Our sympathies to Andrew Sachs - but good grief this moral outage from Joe Bloggs, Gordon Brown, Jack Straw and so on makes us bilious:

Radio 2 Controller Lesley Douglas has resigned over the Andrew Sachs row and Jonathan Ross has been suspended for three months without pay, the BBC said.
The row has already claimed the scalp of Russell Brand.

BBC Director-General Mark Thompson said he accepted the decision of Lesley Douglas with "real sadness".

Mr Thompson also announced Ross, said to earn £6 million a year, had been suspended for three months - without pay. The BBC said he would "be suspended from all broadcasting for the BBC for a 12-week period, ending in mid-January 2009.

"He will not be paid by the BBC during this period. The fees that would have been paid will be deducted from his BBC contract."

Mr Thompson said: "Jonathan Ross's contribution to this edition of the Russell Brand show was utterly unacceptable and cannot be allowed to go uncensored or without sanction.

"A 12-week suspension is an exceptional step, but I believe it is a proportionate response to Jonathan's role in this unhappy affair.

"Jonathan Ross has already made a comprehensive and unreserved personal apology to Andrew Sachs and his granddaughter. I believe that he fully understands the seriousness of what has happened.

"I have made very clear to him the central importance of the clause in his contract about not bringing the BBC into disrepute.

"We agree that nothing like this must ever happen again and that tight discipline will be required for the future."

Bloomin' 'eck - a load of hypocritical, sanctimonious twits twitter over a couple of gobby overpaid BBC no-marks whilst the BBC shafts the majority of its licence payers, the people of England. Yes, they'll ignore us! Yes, Jana Bennett will ensure that the BBC makes a disproportionate amount of programmes in Scotland and Wales! Yes, Jana Bennett will move popular English programmes to production centres in Scotland and Wales.

But it's schoolboy antics on Radio 2 which enrage the public.

What on earth does this say about us?

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