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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dairy Crest: Country Life British Butter - For Yobs And Wrinkly Old Punks?

Interestingly, Dairy Crest believes that the British Union Flag, the flag used for the odious British National Party logo, "has a more positive association with consumers than the English flag." What type of consumers are they seeking?

Good grief, Dairy Crest turned up its nose at the English flag and Englishness before adopting the British flag (the flag of the racist British National Party) and Britishness and then made a commercial that would thrill every British fascist from Scotland to Wales to Cornwall!

I mean - yuck! John Lydon was and is a twit. He once famously said that the Punks put an end to the '70s - "somebody 'ad to!" - and I think he had a point. But apart from that the bloke was a gob on a stick. The amount of snarling brutality Mr Lydon and his like encouraged at the comprehensive school I attended in the late 1970s and early 1980s had to be seen to be believed.

Okay, perhaps your average teenage council estate yob was too young to appreciate the finer points of Punk "back in the day", but there was no doubt that exhortations were being made to stamp on our own worthless generation and we knew that Sid's girlfriend Nancy had a brutal end. One of my charming classmates used to specialise in pulling a Johny Rotten face at terrified lower school kids before flushing their heads in the bog in the main teaching block. They had to pay to be set free.

It's rotten to see Johnny back again. It's rotten to see that bloody awful ad, with its British Empire style jingoism, horribly outdated "Great Britain" spiel and trapping off.

It's an ad that undoubtedly has high yob appeal.

And for that, Englishness and our old English yokel pals from the 1980s have been dispatched forever.

Okay, in reality they were nauseating, but nostalgia makes them seem lovely. Doesn't it?

Dairy Crest, like our old mate Gordon, you're a moron!

Boycott Dairy Crest - the anti-England/anti-English brand. NO FUTURE!!

This 'un written by Chris

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