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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Gerald Kaufman - Equality for England Is Racist - Let The Scots And Welsh Be Privileged...

We don't really want English Votes For English Legislation - we want a fully-fledged English Parliament - either within or without the UK.

But, with the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish enjoying far higher spending levels than us in England via the Barnett Formula, which the late Lord Joel Barnett, who created the formula, said he was "ashamed of", and the West Lothian Question breaking down our democracy and foisting things like Foundation Hospitals on us at the will of MPs representing Scots constituencies, whose own constituents do not suffer them, it seems like a small step in the right direction.

Of course, some racists in Westminster do not like England at all - Gerald Kaufman, backbench Labour MP and long-serving anti-English lobbyist, is one of them. He brands anything that gives England some parity as "racist" (having a Scottish Parliament and higher public spending there is not, of course), and witters on:

"Is it not a glory of this house that every MP from those holding the highest office through to the most newly elected MP is equal in the division lobbies. Is it not a fact that this government is undermining not simply whatever differences there may be between outlooks from people of different counties within the UK but this government is undermining the whole basis of British democracy," he added.

British democracy? The West Lothian model? No thanks.

Different counties? Different counties in Scotland too - but that country still has national recognition.

He apparently added something about the Magna Carta - but that was English, not British.

Do learn your history, Mr K!

Mr Kaufman, YOU are the racist, you seek to perpetuate a system which discriminates against every human being in England, the largest and most cosmopolitan of all UK nations.

Hang your head in shame. You fool nobody.

And as for Angela Eagle, in the running to become deputy Labour leader, groaning on about the "rushed and partisan way" EVEL is progressing, was it not the same when Scotland got its parliament? I don't recall any consultation with voters in my country (England) about it. But we live in the so-called "UK" and this was a massive constitutional change, brought about by your own party.

 Ms Eagle, your anti-England/English ways are out of date. Labour needs to adapt. There have been two classes of MPs in the House since devolution - those that can only vote on issues that affect their own constituents, and those that have the dubious "right" to override democracy and vote on others. That's how England got Foundation Hospitals and a monstrous hike in tuition fees.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat Programme Covers Up Truth About Tuition Fees...

It was my grave misfortune today to catch a snatch of the BBC Radio 1 "Newsbeat" programme. The subject was: 'DO You Trust Politicians?' - in particular with regard to university tuition fees - and the opinions were sought of various young audience members. There was one who thought we should follow Scotland's leadership and have none. There was the Scottish one who declared that it was terrible that in England the fees should be charged. There was the presenter who referred to the "UK" when he meant England and Wales only.

But nowhere was it mentioned that tuition fees in England were foisted on us by the votes of MPs representing Scottish constituencies whose own constituents would not be having them.

English MPs voted against them. This is the West Lothian Question in action. It was the same scenario with Foundation Hospitals.

But, far from being a vindictive usurper of the will of England's MPs, Scotland was presented on Newsbeat as being a fair-minded, sensible place - one whose lead we should follow.

What a sickening mangler of facts the BBC is.

And how stupid are young people in England to believe it.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Celebrities Letter To Scotland: Smug, Out Of Date, And INACCURATE

We've never had much respect for the intelligence levels of many celebrities - from the awful self-styled celeb Toby Haydoke, currently cluttering up Dr Who DVD commentaries to Rod Stewart (of half English, half-Scots parentage, born in England but proclaiming himself a Scot), we've had our doubts for decades.

But the letter from 200-odd celebrities urging Scotland to vote NO in its referendum left us gasping. What an eloquent  plea for our "shared country"... hang about our WHAT? Scotland and England are two separate countries, Scotland even has its own parliament which sorts most of its own legislation, so what "SHARED COUNTRY"? Oh, purlease! Britain is a nation, a union of countries. And then there's the province of Northern Ireland, making up the UK.

But with the West Lothian Question and the Barnett Formula and various self-styled (and racist) Celts telling us (falsely) that they have more ties here than anybody else, the majority of everyday English folk would bid a cheerful farewell to Scotland.

If the media would present them with all the facts.

Just think, without the votes of MPs representing Scottish constituencies we would have no Top Up Fees and No Foundation Hospitals in England. Yes, those MPs overturned the vote of English MPs on those matters, although Scotland is not affected. And then the Scots whine on about how Foundation Hospitals, etc, are the nasty English way of doing things.


Cilla Black? Simon Cowell? OOOH! We're impressed! Not.

Get real, you champagne guzzling idiots and come down from your ivory towers.

Life ain't easy for us poor.

And the Scots are far from blameless for that fact.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Tour de France In Cambridge - City Council Out Of Touch With Poor People's Basic Need - To Get To Work

Cambridge City Council has scored high with its usual "let them eat cake" attitude to local people by allowing the Tour de France to pass through the City Centre today. And closing various roads on a Monday. A busy work day. And with certain Cambridge City Centre businesses (including Boots the Chemists in Petty Cury and Sidney Street) promising "Zero Tolerance" for any employees who can't make it to work, or are simply late due to the disruption, we seem to be lurching back towards serfdom.

Great, eh?

The City Council - or indeed the UK Government - should have no remit to curtail the rights of ordinary people to use the roads on such frivolous grounds.

And can you imagine if the event had been English rather than French (or "British")? The City Council would have refused permission to close roads, and made polite excuses, the inference being that the supporters were simply knuckle dragging racists.

We were are ruled by the great Imperial UK Parliament. Our needs really do not count.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bristol West MP, UK Communities Minister And "Proud Welshman" Stephen Williams - A Celtic Myth Supporter. Apartheid Is Here.

Stephen Williams - Liberal Democrat MP for Bristol West has obviously done a HUGE amount of family history research. He confidently asserts that his people (the Welsh) and the Cornish are the oldest peoples on this island.

 From the UK Parliament website:

"Communities Minister Stephen Williams said:

This is a great day for the people of Cornwall who have long campaigned for the distinctiveness and identity of the Cornish people to be recognised officially.
The Cornish and Welsh are the oldest peoples on this island and as a proud Welshman I look forward to seeing Saint Piran’s flag flying with extra Celtic pride on March 5 next year."
 We're delighted here that the Cornish have been granted national minority status, although we are suspicious of the government's reasons for doing so. The people of Cornwall are entitled to go independent and think themselves to be whatever they like as regards their origins. They're not Celts. But if they want to believe they are, then great. I don't want my taxes going towards feeding that myth though. and I don't want the UK Parliament to reflect it as it's simply misguided with more than a faint whiff of racism attached to it I feel. But if the Cornish believe it, that's up to them. Of course, you can be Cornish and separate from the English without the Celtic myth if you so choose to be.

But Bristol West MP and UK Communities Minister, that "proud" supporter of the Celtic myth Stephen Williams, scares us. The man believes in the Celtic thing to such a degree that he thinks the Welsh and the Cornish are "the oldest peoples on this island". Of course, DNA evidence points to the fact that this is not biologically true, and up until recent times the Cornish, Scots and Welsh were not even referred to as Celts anyway. The term "Celtic" came into play around 1700 and largely referred to languages. But this was extended, particularly in Scotland, Wales and Cornwall to include other things - archeological remains and culture for instance, which, in fact were not Celtic at all. A sense of exclusiveness was born and a sense of "We've been here the longest". It is accepted that, at the time of the Romans, what is now the UK was populated by a number of separate tribes, certainly not Celts. Read this - it's interesting -

But Stephen Williams believes that he is a Celt. And that the Welsh and the Cornish are the oldest peoples on this island. Oldest? Oh no, Mr Williams, the Celts are one of the most recent (invented) peoples on this island. 

Perhaps his "Celtic heritage" is the reason that Mr Williams believes outrages like the West Lothian Question and Barnett Formula are perfectly permissable? After all, the English (the people of England) aren't pure breeds like he believes he is, are they? Thank goodness!

Meanwhile, England, which, in reality, has bloodlines going back just as far as the Scots, Welsh and Cornish (genocide was never practised by ancient invaders) and many that are far more recent, and is far more non-exclusive and cosmopolitan, is only worthy of inferior public spending and a democratic deficit that defies belief.

Oh, Mr Williams, the anti-English, "Celtic" supremacy agenda of the UK Government becomes ever more evident. Thanks to people like you. This is apartheid. And the reasons behind it hold up no better than those for apartheid in South Africa years ago.

These fake "Celtic" peoples, a UK elite, enjoying an invented pride and better public spending than the people of England? This is mind blowing.

And to the people of Bristol West: is it comforting to know that your MP is so deluded and exclusive?

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Gordon Brown - Deluded Scottish Jingoist (And Anti-English, Of Course!)?

 Laughed like drains when we read Gordon Brown's pro-union speech as reported in the The Scotsman.

"I believe that as a result of implementing -across the UK- Scottish values that emphasis social justice and opportunity for all, we have narrowed the inequalities between the nations of the United Kingdom."

Social justice? The Barnett Formula? The West Lothian Question? The pure evil that is the UK treatment of the nation of England and all its people? Yes, we've noticed Scottish values being implemented in England - the values of "We're all right, Jack, stuff you lot in England - we hate you anyway!"

Gordon, you really do seem rather strange to us. And incredibly twisted, jingoistic and uncaring. But our opinion doesn't matter does it? As long as your little nation of five million souls continues to leach off and dominate a nation of around fifty five million souls, you simply don't give a damn, do you?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Why Do English Bloggers Insist On Celt And Celtic?

One of the biggest causes of artificial divisions between the English, Scots and Welsh is the use of the word "Celt" or "Celtic".

It has been proven that the English were and are not Anglo Saxons, and that the Scots and Welsh were and are not Celts.

It's a myth. There may be cultural influences, but we are not separate ancient tribes - and certainly not ancient WHITE tribes.

The so-called Celts have become another group oppressed and abused by the awful English in centuries past.

The term is often used in a racist sense by Welsh, Scots and Cornish writers to imply a sense of belonging to this island far more than the people of England.

So, why do so many English bloggers and web site owners seem so happy to perpetuate the myth?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hundreds And Thousands Trifles With Life - And Clearly Doesn't Remember 1982...

This is great - it's from a very "clever" blog called "Hundreds And Thousands (On The Trifle Of Life)":

In fact, for those of us old enough to remember, we seem to have been here before.

Cuts in public services…

Civil unrest in Northern Ireland…

Rising unemployment…

Military action in parts of the world that no-one in the UK really gives a fuck about…

Why, it’s 1982 again!

Cuts in public services? Began before 1982 (or indeed the 1980s, dear).

Civil unrest in Northern Ireland?

Began before 1982 (or indeed the 1980s, dear).

Rising unemployment?

Began before 1982 (or indeed the 1980s, dear).

Isn't it interesting when somebody writes a blog post that doesn't make any sense?

Not that we'd ever do it here (er...).

But then we don't pretend to remember 1982.

Far too much Stella Artois...

And Chris was concussed by a swinging deelybopper...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BBC Tucks Away England To Conceal Truth About NHS Budget Cuts

We all know that the BBC is fully involved in covering up wherever possible the blatant discrimination by the UK Government against the people of England, and, in the wake of the Budget, here's another little gem:

The Department of Health says it is to make cuts of £4.35bn over three years in an "efficiency savings" drive.

It is the biggest contribution to £11bn of government savings announced in last year's pre-Budget report.

Ah, the Department of Health! So, we're still a United Kingdom, are we? All will share the pain?

But tucked away under other Budget cuts news, five paragraphs down:

The health service in England faces making the biggest cuts - £4.35bn, which it says can be achieved through procurement, savings in its national IT programme, energy efficiency, better use of property and reducing staff sick leave, something it says alone could save £555m.

Ah, so it's only the health service in ENGLAND is it, that is making cuts of £4.35bn?

Neatly tucked away by the twisted BBC.

And I bet David "Sour Little Englanders" Cameron and Nick "Hardly Anybody Voted For Me, But Look At Me Now - LOADS OF MONEY!" Clegg are well chuffed.

I really hate the BBC.

The British Bastard Corporation, bent on deceit.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Socialist Unity - Andy Newman Talks Trash About The '70s - And Turns The Comments Off!

We laughed like drains when we read this by Andy Newman at Socialist Unity:

The 1970s were a dangerous time, with a widespread culture of heavy drinking and violence, and the cross-dressing and androgony of glam rock bands was unsettling to a world with stultifying heterosexual conformity. This was before such statements would be considered as ironic, and were instead slightly regarded as uncomfortable and slightly threatening.

Andy Newman, do you REMEMBER the 1970s?!!

"Widespread heavy drinking and violence"? The "cross-dressing and androgony of glam rock bands was unsettling to a world with stultifying heterosexual conformity"?!!


Bands like The Sweet made it absolutely plain that they were STRAIGHT, MATE at the time, these men did not dress up to make a statement about their sexuality! And they were embraced as heroes by the gobby council estate urchins where I lived, who thought it was a "right larf".

Also, we'd been quite comfortable with the likes of Danny La Rue cross-dressing well before the 1970s.

The '70s were a time of increasing violence, it's true, but there was an embedded culture of heavy drinking before that decade on the council estate where I lived, and I'm sure amongst other classes.

Boy George in the 1980s was really the first mainstream pop star to arouse feelings of discomfort amongst certain people. And that was because he wasn't heterosexual.

But THAT was in the 1980s! Musn't mention the 1980s, eh, Andy? No possibility of any move-on in attitudes in the Thatcher era in your revisionist little world?!!

If you're going to make revisionist comments about the 1970s, please do us one favour, matey - turn the comments ON!!

But we weren't so ignorant that a bit of glitter and lippy on male pop stars was going to freak us out.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BBC Cornwall's Graham Smith - Encouraging The Racist "Celtic" Myth

Regular readers here know that we favour recognition of Cornwall's demands to leave the UK (note - leave - not become another elitist "Celtic" nation hanger-on like Scotland and Wales - this is what some of the "Cornish" nationalists seem to be seeking), but we don't favour the Celtic myth.

This was something rather romantically applied to the Scots and Welsh in the 1700s. It's not accurate, but who cares? Well, we do because it smacks of racism (some of those charming neighbours of ours use it to assert the myth they were here first and therefore should have the right to boot the rest of us out), but however it is used it is false and racist.

The Celts were ancient WHITE tribes, and the term is frankly offensive when applied to modern day areas of the UK.

The PC crowd fawn all over it, of course, seeing an (invented) ethnicity claiming to have been treated badly by the horrid English. But that is not the truth.

Yes to us saying a fond farewell to Cornwall if its people so desire it, NO to fake and exclusive claims of "pure" ethnicity!

Worryingly, Graham Smith of BBC Radio Cornwall seems quite happy to flag up the Celtic myth.

Many thanks to my friends in the Kernow branch of the Celtic League for their press release announcing they have been granted "Roster Status" within the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) at the United Nations.

Many thanks to his friends?!

Surely he should be impartial?!

What is wrong with the BBC?!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mark Easton Of The BBC: More Anti-English Nonsense...

On Friday, a friend joked that he didn't realise I was a BNP supporter when he saw an England flag on my car. It was a joke but also a reminder of how our national emblem was appropriated by racists during the 1970s and '80s.

Says Mark Easton of the BBC.

Excuse me, Mark, but do you actually remember the 1970s and (ugh - for a BBC type to write) '80s?

I do.

And I never even saw a St George's Flag.

Racist groups used the Union Flag as their emblem.

The BNP still does - flanked by the flags of Scotland, England and Wales.

Proceeding into the comments, we find the usual nonsense - our post-imperialist guilt (surely it was the BRITISH Empire - why don't the Scots and Welsh feel guilty?), and the reasons why the English are so disliked - arrogant swines, aren't we?

Fortunately, there were plenty of other comments pointing out that the flag of choice of racist groups in the past was the Union Flag. And that we should be able to wave the English flag. Predictably, one commenter pointed out that newcomers to Scotland and Wales feel more inclined to call themselves "Scottish" or "Welsh", but in England the term is "British".

Of course. That's because new arrivals in England have "British" stuffed down their throats.

Scotland and Wales have their own national governing bodies and the words "Scottish" and "Welsh" are well to the fore.

I think it really is time the UK broke up.

What is happening to the people of England is criminal - the manipulation to keep us under the Union cosh.

And Mark Easton - believe me, if I had any option I would not be contributing to your salary.

But in our wonderful free country, as you work for the BBC, I HAVE to.

What Britishness Can And Does Do That Englishness Doesn't Is To Discriminate Against All Citizens Of England

"What Englishness can't do that Britishness can do is appeal unambiguously to people of different ethnic origins," notes Janan Ganesh, political correspondent for The Economist.

It's the BBC reporting again.

But Janeh Ganesh is talking cobblers.

Britishness is not and was never intended to be a blanket nationality simply aimed at everybody living in England.

It was intended to be the blanket nationality of everybody living in England, Scotland and Wales.

With the will to do so, the word "English" could be substituted for the word "British" and an inclusive, civic English nationality be developed.

New arrivals in England have "Britishness" rammed down their threats.

Whilst the PC crowd waste no opportunity to demonise Englishness as a non-inclusive, racist mind set.

But the English have long been a "mongrel" nation.

And all the better for it.

What Britishness does is place every man, woman and child in England at a serious disadvantage when compared to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The West Lothian Question, the Barnett Formula and devolution have seen to that.

The same BBC article also flags up the BBC's bizarre obsession with the 1970s:

In reacting against the multi-cultural and fragmented way in which history has been taught since the 1970s, there is a danger that the pendulum could swing too far the other way.

Um, my wife and others I know will vouch for the fact that British history has been taught with an anti-English bias in English schools since well before the 1970s.

And at the same time, whilst I recall the anti-Englishness rampant in history teaching at the comphrehensive school I attended from 1976-1981, I do not recall a "multi-cultural and fragemented" method of teaching.

If that has happened, I'm sure it was more a product of the PC 1980s and 1990s.

But the BBC musn't mention the 1980s.

Unless it's negative, of course.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Jon Kelly - Racist BBC - The "Celtic Nations"

Here's Jon Kelly writing for the BBC:

As the World Cup kicks off, many football fans from the UK's celtic nations say they will support ABE - Anyone But England. Why does this inflame so much passion on both sides?

Um, so the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish are Celts, are they? Descendants of ancient white tribes?

Given that they weren't even called that until the 1700s, and we live in a modern day, multi-ethnic UK, I find the "Celtic" thing hard to believe.

After all, if the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish are all of common (white) stock, why was Shirley Bassey so proud to be Welsh? If they look after each other as some kind of "brotherhood", why was Ireland partitioned by Lloyd George, a Welsh Prime Minister? Why aren't the Scots screaming that their "Celtic" cousins in Wales deserve parity with Scotland - equal spending and a parliament?

When will the BBC stop perpetrating the myth that the English are racists, unfit to lick any body's boots, whilst boosting up the populist, racist "Celtic" myth of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?

And why do the English HAVE to pay for this dreadful organisation, so intent on doing them down?

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Gary Younge - Don't Mention The '80s! - "Wally Of The Week"!

Gary Younge wrote in the New Statesman:

When I was growing up in Stevenage in Hertfordshire during the 1970s, the question of who to support in the World Cup never posed much of a dilemma for my family. We backed Brazil. Nearby Hitchin may have been where I was born and, with the exception of a six-week family trip to Barbados to see relatives, England may have been the only country I knew. But when it came to my footballing allegiance, I got my kicks from a country I knew nothing about and with which I had absolutely no connection. At the time, this seemed entirely logical.

Ah, so he grew up - or did a lot of his growing-up in the 1970s, did he?

A quick check revealed he was born in 1969. So he turned ten in 1979.

How hilarious!

I am not the person I was in the 1970s

writes Gary.

No, dear, you're not a tiny little boy any more, are you?

Honestly, the lengths some people will go to to avoid mentioning the 1980s - which is also where Mr Younge did rather a lot of growing up as well, is it not?

What is it with the young PC crowd that mention of the '80s should be avoided at all costs, and claims made on the previous decade which, in reality, they can barely remember - and if they do probably found downright miserable?

Mr Younge and the rest of the enlightened PC crowd are obviously STILL in need of growing up!

In the dreaded 1980s, TV columnist Nina Myskow used to award a media personality the title "Wally Of The Week".

And just for this week we're reviving that title - Gary Younge, you are our Wally Of The Week!

Take a bow.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Power 2010 - Home Rule For England

Power 2010 projected the image of the Cross of St George and the slogan "Home Rule" onto the Houses of Parliament...

And were quickly ordered to remove it.

The act served two useful purposes:

1) To highlight the democratic deficit in England.

2) To highlight the fact that we are now living in a police state.

Oh, for the good old days of freedom.

About fifteen years ago.

Why we shouldn't support Cornwall's independence movement...

A Cornish nationalist has told us point blank that we "should support Cornish independence". We disagree. We've been bombarded by tales of the area's "Celticness", the awful past actions of the English, and other things.

But as the "Celtic" thing is actually quite recent, and the true impact of Celtic genetic material in the UK is thought to be very scant indeed, we don't think that this is grounds for supporting independence for Cornwall.

Nope, we don't need to encourage such myths about ancient white tribes.

And the "we have more right here than anybody else - we've been here much longer than you," ethos.

We've read quite a lot from "Celtic" nationalists which smacks of anti-English - and other - bigotry.

We don't want to bolster that.

What we should be doing, in our very humble opinion, is to support those in Cornwall who would like a referendum on the matter.

It's up to the people there to decide. Nobody else.

And it should be their RIGHT to decide if they wish to become a free standing country.

Anything else on the part of the rest of England is sticky beaking - and supporting something which contains elements many of us don't fully understand.

And which also contains elements some of us find disturbing - and appears to be relentlessly hostile and uncaring regarding our efforts to get a fairer deal for England as a nation.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pam Giddy: Nations and Regions

Here's Pam Giddy, Director of Power 2010:

Power 2010 has full-time organisers in every nation and region of the UK .

Nations and regions, Ms Giddy? Surely the UK is a union of nations and the province of Northern Ireland, often referred to as a nation? The only area of England allowed a referendum on regionalisation - effectively the break-up of England by the Imperialist UK Government - voted over 70% NO.

So, where is your respect for the democratic will of the people?

Or were you, in fact, referring to Scotland or Wales as a region?

I suspect not.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Peter Facey And Unlock Democracy - When It Comes To England, Lock-Up Democracy...

EWe're puzzled as to why Unlock Democracy sent out a rallying call to its supporters to deny England the chance of English Votes On English Laws being included in the Power 2010 top five. But it did.

Very strange.

Of course, EVoEL is not absolutely what we want - far from it - but its inclusion in the top five Power 2010 votes would help to keep the question of how England is governed - and the unfair deal all its citizens are receiving - on the political agenda.

We urge readers to go to Power 2010 and vote for EVoEL. If you live in England, it makes sense.

You can do it here.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Campaign For An English Parliament - '70s Music Was Better Than '60s!

Here at WENAP we are big fans of the CEP. But this made us smile:

We are seeing an orchestrated attempt to destroy our English Rock music heritage (which in the 1970s was the best in the world) through the continued dumbing down and sabotage of our culture.

So glad that the CEP recognises how great was the music scene of the 1970s.

The '60s with the Beatles and the Stones and the emergence of Led Zep and Deep Purple? Pooh, we are impervious to that vapid decade's charms - give us Little Willy Won't Go Home and Disco Duck any day!

And we musn't forget that future greats like Duran Duran were formed in the 1970s (1978). OK, Simon Le Bon didn't join till 1980, but still...


Of course at the end of the day when it comes to music it's all down to personal opinion, but passing off personal opinion as fact (the 1970s saw English rock music as being the best in the world) strikes us as a little bit sad.

Stick to the point - and stick to the verifiable facts, CEP, please - don't alienate readers with the off-topic (and frankly rather dubious) opinions of your writers!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

CEP Press Release: No smoke without fire: secrecy over devolution (The Jack Straw Veto)

Yesterday (10 December), Jack Straw vetoed releasing the minutes of a 1997 Cabinet Ministerial Committee Meeting on Devolution to Scotland and Wales and the English Regions. He stated that releasing the information would be against the public interest, citing the doctrine of collective responsibility, although the disclosure had previously been approved by the Information Commissioner on June 23rd 2009.

According to the Ministry of Justice, this is only the second time since the Freedom of Information Act was introduced in 2005 that a request granted by an Information Tribunal has been vetoed � out of 160,000 requests. The previous occasion on which the veto was imposed was in February 2009 in respect of the disclosure of the minutes of two cabinet meetings leading up to the Iraq war.

What are Jack Straw and the Ministry of Justice so concerned with concealing? What was said in a meeting about devolution that was so dangerous that it can‘t be made public? What deals were done to break up England and preserve the dominance of Scottish politicians? The English public deserves to know.

This meeting, twelve years ago, led to an asymmetric devolution settlement which is to the great disadvantage of England. The Campaign for an English Parliament believes that action must be taken to deliver a fair and democratic constitutional settlement for England. Lift the veto, Jack, and let us in on the decisions you made.

Unison Union - More Interested In Implementing New Labour Supporting People Policy Than Representing Members' Interests...

From Scotland comes this fascinating article about the in-the-Government's-pocket trade union Unison:

"...corrupt union full-timers more interested in implementing New Labour policy than defending the pay and conditions of their members."

This seems particularly relevant to me at the moment as, under the auspices of the odious Supporting People quango, another round of horrendous cutbacks and redundancies is being carried out in the social care sector. Under orders from and "in cahoots" with Supporting People, the giant axe is swinging again.

A dear friend of mine, who has a front-line job in the care sector which brings in a very meagre salary, faces redundancy, or, possibly, a large drop in salary. No fat cat this. In fact, my friend would have difficulty in affording to keep a domestic cat!

Others are similarly affected and, as usual, the vulnerable adults who are the service users have not been consulted.

And Unison simply waves it all through.

Not a word.

Not a murmur.

Think how they would have behaved if such things had happened in the 1980s!


Unison is useless. If you are a member, I think you'd be better off spending your monthly membership fee on chocolate teapots.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Climategate - Boring - Exactly How To Disengage Interest...

God I'm sick of "Gates"! After Sharongate in EastEnders I thought people might drop it at last, but here we are again - "Climategate". I spoke to my sixteen-year-old nephew about it tonight.

"What IS Climategate?" he asked.

"Have you seen the headlines?" I asked.

"Yeah - sounds boring," he said.

"Well, do you know about Watergate?" I asked.

"No," he said.

Surely it would engage far more interest if headlines were a little more descriptive, and did not depend so much on what the younger generation regard as ancient history? I mean, for God's sake - I'm in my forties and I was only eight at the time of Watergate!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Department For Children, Schools And Families: Anti-England Bias Seeps Out - Even Though It Is Supposed To SERVE England

Gareth has received a reply in answer to his freedom of information request regarding the Department of Children, Schools And Families (which covers England only) and its sudden removal of the name of the country it covers from its mission statement.

Remember? From this (emphasis is mine):

"The purpose of the Department for Children, Schools and Families is to make England the best place in the world for children and young people to grow up."

To this (emphasis is mine):

"The purpose of the Department for Children, Schools and Families is to make this the best place in the world for children and young people to grow up."

Extract from Gareth's reply:

Mr Young

Thank you for your email of 11 November asking why the word 'England'
has been replaced with the word 'this' on the Department's website.

You made your request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. As you
are not seeking access to recorded information I have not dealt with
your request as a Freedom of Information request.

The Department's overall purpose was set out in the Children's Plan,
published in December 2007. In that document the Secretary of State made
clear that 'our aim is to make this the best place in the world for our
children and young people to grow up.' The words set out on the home
page of our website are intended as a close match to the original
expression, and were adjusted as part of routine editing of the website.

This doesn't make sense at all. The extent of the territory covered should be explicit somewhere on the Department's home page. And where better than in the mission statement?

And that territory is England.

A very strange reply indeed.

Looks like awful Ed Balls might be involved... Read Gareth's latest here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Department For Children, Schools And Families Erases England - We Are Now Called "This"!

Gareth Young has discovered political and racist goings-on at the Department for Children, Schools And Families.

This "department" covers England only, and its mission statement used to read (emphasis is mine):

"The purpose of the Department for Children, Schools and Families is to make England the best place in the world for children and young people to grow up."

Nice and clear, eh? A nice, clear statement with a commendable goal.

But now the statement reads (emphasis is mine):

"The purpose of the Department for Children, Schools and Families is to make this the best place in the world for children and young people to grow up."

This is worrying on two fronts:

1) It makes the area covered by the department unclear. Where on earth is "this"?

2) It opens up a whole can of worms about the New Labour project - including devolution, the West Lothian Question, anti-England/English racism and the Barnett Formula. The mission statement of the Department for Children, Schools And Families is now unclear. Somebody has been in there, muddying the waters, simply by "cleansing" out the word "England". And that also would seem to be a prime concern of "our" Government in its attempts to delude the people of England.

Gareth has sent a Freedom Of Information request -

Read Gareth's report here:

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Supporting People - "Floating Support" - More Care Cutbacks In England...

"Floating Support" - the notion is based on an American model and is one the odious Supporting People UK Government agency is now enforcing in England. It basically means withdrawing on-site staff support for vulnerable adults in the community - the elderly, the mentally ill, etc.

There has always been a level of "floating support" - think of the home help/community care assistants/district nurses. But now Supporting People has decided that most people in the community require nothing more than floating support - often against the advice of mental health professionals - and so many of those people who are more physically and/or mentally vulnerable will now see their on-site support go. This is not about encouraging independence. It is about cruelly cutting back. It is often about flying in the face of the views of consultants, doctors and other professionals.

THINK ABOUT THE DOSH! that's all Supporting People care about. Well, we won't see any of it. Where the fuck does it go?

Sooner or later these cuts, this withdrawal of essential suppport, is going to bite the public. You simply can't leave vulnerable people to fend for themselves in this way.

And, as usual, the service users themselves are not truly consulted. They are given several options, but never the status quo.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

CEP Press Release: England To Dance To Scotland's Tune, Says Salmond

England to dance to Scotland's tune, predicts Alex Salmond at his SNP conference in Inverness, and Westminster will dangle from a Scottish rope, Well. we will see, replies the Campaign for an English Parliament.

Giving a battle-rousing Leader's speech at the conclusion of the SNP conference in Inverness last Saturday, October 17th, Alex Salmond gleefully rattled off the prizes he would be looking for from the next UK government in the event of a General Election result in May, which handed the SNP enough MPs to hold the balance of power. He spoke of Westminster dangling from a Scottish rope. He described how he and his party's MPs would influence legislation and financial measures to Scotland's advantage. To Sky News he shamelessly stated that he would use his and his members' voting power exclusively in Scotland interests.

Well, we will see, says Scilla Cullen chairman of the CEP in an email to the Campaign membership. What Mr Salmond fails to realise is that there should be in all human relationships, both individual and collective, a thing called justice. All talk of England dancing to Scotland's tune and dangling from a Scottish rope is not just silly but unwise and unjust. It is silly because England with ten times the population of Scotland is just too big to push around. His is the language and the posturing of the petty bully who really does not know what he is dealing with, who only sees a little part of the playground, and will only learn the facts of life when he has made a complete fool of himself.

But the issue really is much more one of justice. England got nothing out of devolution. Gordon Brown, Salmond's fellow Scot, who navigated the 1998 devolution through the UK Parliament, saw to that. England got nothing except to pay for it all. Each English taxpayer pays an extra £281 per annum towards keeping Scotland solvent. Scotland does not pay its way. Its tax revenue is routinely short of its expenditure by £11billion per annum. Its land-owning and merchant class came cap in hand in 1707 to Westminster to ask England to bail it out when it was bankrupt. Thanks to devolution and both the block grant and Barnett Formula every single Scottish man, woman and child now receives £1600 more per annum than anyone in England on social expenditure. The Scottish Parliament is able thanks to English largesse -because it is England that provides 90% of the UK revenue- to fund Scottish university students who do not play tuition fees, which our students have to, to provide free personal care for the elderly, to put a freeze on water rates and council tax, and to be planning for free prescriptions and an end to hospital parting charges.

Salmond might well be hoping to goad the English to anger by his demands if his party holds the balance of power come the General Election. He might well be hoping we will then be glad to see the back of Scotland. That is as may be. But the deeper issues are justice and fairness. As long as we have a United Kingdom, the population of each member nation should be treated equally. None should get preferential treatment. And any talk like that of Salmond to use his party's voting power exclusively in the interests of Scotland is morally indefensible. Interestingly, that was however precisely what Gordon Brown himself committed himself to when in March 1989 he signed the Scottish Claim of Right -to make the interests of the people of Scotland paramount in everything we say and do.

Monday, October 12, 2009

David Cameron: FUCK England!

This makes me heave:

Family, community, country. In recent years we’ve been hearing things about our country we haven’t heard for a long time. People saying they don’t know what it is to be British, what this country stands for.

People in Scotland who want to leave the United Kingdom and people in England who say let them go.

I am passionate about our Union and I will never do anything to put it at risk. And because of the new political force we have created with the Ulster Unionists, I’m proud that at the next election we will be the only party fielding candidates in every part of the United Kingdom.

Firstly, I always thought that the UK was a union of countries? Secondly, I thoroughly dislike David some of my ancesters were "...were Scottish Empire builders - conquered all sorts of parts of India, I think" Cameron. Hateful, swine of a man - who happily ignores issues like the West Lothian Question.

Carry on dying in England for want of medication available on the higher-funded NHS in Scotland..

The incoming upper class brat at Number 10 doesn't give a shit.

Must be the "Scots blood" in his veins, as he puts it.

I'm going to dislike the probable new anti-English/anti-England PM just as much as I do the present one.

Smug, biased and uncaring git that he is.

Tesco - "Enjoy The Taste Of Scotland" And Ignore England...

Another lovely view of Tesco enjoying the "Taste of Scotland" in Scotland.

Remember, as Tesco says on its own website:

Tesco is committed to ensuring that Scottish consumers have access to Scottish produce. Currently, over 100 Scottish companies supply more than 1,000 product lines to our stores. This amounts to around £800m of goods being sourced from Scottish companies – directly into the Scottish economy.

Consulting with our suppliers, we have worked to raise awareness of Scottish food and drink companies. As well as co-ordinating a number of events for Scottish suppliers and consumers, we have created new signage to be rolled out across our Scottish stores promoting Scottish products.

Another view of Tesco absolutely ignoring England and English produce in England.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Celebrating Great British Food" - England Hating Tesco Continues To Suck Up To Scotland And Rams "British" Down English Throats...

In Scotland - Tesco's "Enjoy The Taste Of Scotland"...

In England - Tesco Says You Don't Exist!

Saw the placard above today in our local Tesco.


And what about the white lettering on the blue background?

And, as usual, Scottish saltires (white on a blue background, of course) glared at us from many other displays.

And this is interesting:

Tesco is committed to ensuring that Scottish consumers have access to Scottish produce. Currently, over 100 Scottish companies supply more than 1,000 product lines to our stores. This amounts to around £800m of goods being sourced from Scottish companies – directly into the Scottish economy.

Consulting with our suppliers, we have worked to raise awareness of Scottish food and drink companies. As well as co-ordinating a number of events for Scottish suppliers and consumers, we have created new signage to be rolled out across our Scottish stores promoting Scottish products.

Earlier this year Tesco hosted "Enjoy the Taste of Scotland", a three-day event run in conjunction with the Scottish Executive to promote Scottish suppliers. This pioneering event featured over 60 Scottish food and drink producers and offered attendees the opportunity to sample products from across the country including household names, such as Baxter’s, Tunnock’s and Mackie’s, and small speciality producers, such as Rannoch Smokery, Tilly Confectionery and Castle MacLellan.

As well as promoting Scottish produce to members of the public, Tesco also looks to build good working relationships with current suppliers and aims to provide opportunities for new suppliers to come on board. To this end, for the past two years we have run a Scottish supplier day, a practical day open to all our Scottish suppliers to help them gain a better understanding of retail operations and to assist them with technical issues.

We have also launched new Scottish lines, including a range of items which are produced and supplied locally to one or two of our stores, by businesses such as J & I Smith Bakers based in Huntly. This can lead to locally-supplied products then being rolled out across the UK, and brands such as Border Biscuits are testament to this. The success of this programme means we are now exporting some of these products to our stores abroad – further growth for Scottish companies.

At Tesco we take our commitment to Scottish producers and the communities they operate in very seriously, actively engaging with local and national stakeholders to this end. In February this year Tesco representatives gave evidence at the Scottish Parliament's Environment and Rural Affairs Committee's Food Chain Supply Inquiry and Tesco is a current member of the Agricultural Strategy Group, run by Ross Finnie MSP, Scottish Minister for Environment and Rural Development.

So, if it's good enough for Scotland, why not for England?

And, of course, Tesco is not alone. Check out Asda, the Co-op, and Sainsburys. All screeching "SCOTTISH!" all ignoring "ENGLISH".

We are second class customers.

The supermarkets wilfully discriminate against England.

And Tesco's is just about the worst of the lot.

Friday, October 02, 2009

CEP Press Release: Conservative Party Conference agenda

England ignored and taken for granted. As always. It is 60% of the Union landmass, 85% of the Union population, it produces 90% of its wealth, its subsidies the three other countries and keeps them solvent. But anyone looking at the agenda for discussion on the Union at the 2009 Conservative Party conference in Manchester this coming week would think the Union consists solely of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. England isn't even mentioned, let alone discussed.

This is the list of speakers for the discussion on The Union at the conference:

Cheryl Gillan - Shadow Secretary of State for Wales

David Mundell - Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland

Owen Paterson - Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

Nick Bourne - Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the National Assembly

Sir Reg Empey - Leader of the Ulster Unionist Party

Not one single speaker for England. Its affairs not mentioned, its identity not recognised, its existence totally ignored.

That, states Veronica Newman addressing a meeting of Hampshire CEP members, well sums up the attitude of the UK Establishment towards England. It just refuses to give to England its rightful recognition. We are a distinct nation within the United Kingdom. We have a very ancient identity, we are the first unified nation in Europe, we have a distinct national culture which doesn't only go back centuries and includes some of the great cultural names in world history, and the greatest writer in the person of Shakespeare, but which is also vibrant and exciting to this very day.

It is time to ask why the party which might well be the UK government within nine months treats England with such injustice and bias. Love and respect for England could be a huge force for a revitalised Union. It is time the Conservative Party started to ask itself why it can be so generous towards Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, yet so negative towards England.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scotland The Brave - Jingoistic Scottish Session On BBC Radio 1...

It is my grave misfortune to hear BBC Radio 1 once a week. Not my choice. During my weekly "treats", I've heard Edith Bowman twittering on about Scotland and the "bagpipes" - whilst never once referring to England. I've heard brain-dead DJs twittering on about the thrill of having jelly beans in the studio. I've heard many re-hashes of 1980s songs, and (post) modern songs that sound like they're straight from the 1960s and even, occasionally (God help us) the 1970s.

And today I heard Scotland The Brave played on the bagpipes.

With all its current biased Scots content, the BBC needs to drop the first "B" and replace it with an "S".

It could stand for "Scottish" or it could stand for "Shit".

Either would be appropriate.

CEP: 2000 Labour Party delegates to applaud the negation of the English Democratic Tradition

2000 labour party delegates got to their feet in Brighton in the county of Sussex to applaud the repudiation by Gordon Brown of the very fundamentals of England's democratic tradition.

Yesterday afternoon the delegates to the Labour Party Conference -Cabinet Ministers, MPs, Peers, Party officials and 2000 delegates from across the United Kingdom got up and clapped and shouted their approval as Gordon Brown, MP for Kirkaldy and Cowdenbeath in Fifeshire in Scotland, announced measure after measure of new legislation for England, and only for England, in defiance of the very fundamentals of what the people of England founded their parliament for 800 years ago.

The CEP National Council has circulated its membership with a statement on this matter.

'Gordon Brown announced new legislation to place new teenage mothers in hostels rather than council houses; to provide free personal care for the very elderly in their homes, to limit pub opening hours, to control broken familes unable to control their children, to bring in additional controls on wild disruptive youngsters, to provide 250,000 free childcare places and to delay the introduction of ID cards. Very many people will indeed agree with these measures. That is not an issue that the CEP as such involves itself with. The CEP is concerned with democracy for England. When England gets its own parlament, its parliament will concern itself wholeheartedly with the welfare of the people of England.

'These measures concern matters which affect England only. The fundamental nature of English democracy as founded with the English Parliament in the 13th century and developed by the people of England over the past 800 years is that it is representative democracy. Law makers are accountable to the people who elect them. They are elected to be their representatives in their parliament. But Brown is not elected by any English voters. He is not accountable to any English voter for any of these specific measures. His action, and the conference applause for it, is a repudiation of this most fundamental aspect of the English democratic tradition.


Michael Knowles

CEP Media Unit. Tel: 01260 271139


Friday, September 18, 2009

Cancer Research UK - Sexist And Uncaring When It Comes To Men...

Chris has just fired off an e-mail to Cancer Research UK:

I am writing to inform you that as male, I will no longer be supporting Cancer Research UK as I believe that it is a sexist, perhaps even misandrist, organisation.

As breast cancer numbers continue to fall, Cancer Research chooses to display highly sexist posters on buses in England. The one I saw today was apparently about "joining the fight for women's survival", and displayed a picture of two women hitting a man with boxing gloves. Was the man supposed to represent cancer?

What has happened to men's health issues? A small minority of men also contract breast cancer. But that highly relevant piece of information is well tucked away on your site. Surely, trumpeting breast cancer as a purely female health issue is failing in your duty of care?

Meanwhile, prostate cancer is on the rise, but there are no similar "men's survival" campaigns within Cancer Research.


Your campaign is horrifically skewed and biased, the imagery of the two women hitting the man on the poster displayed on the bus was pathetic and I cannot make any further donations to such a sexist and uncaring organisation.

I will keep my eyes and ears open for any non-sexist cancer research campaigns, and in the meantime will be directing any further donations I may have made to your organisation to the British Heart Foundation.

Cancer Research UK joins such luminaries as that highly renowned misandrist Harriet Harman by winning our Sexist Slime Of The Month Award.

Richly deserved for an organisation which goes all out to cater for the health of the female gender, and wilfully short-changes the male - even promoting anti-male imagery as part of its feminine health awareness campaigns.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vince Cable - Lazy-Minded MP, Repeats Old Claptrap About The Poll Tax...

Vince Cable - Liberal Democrat MP

It always galls us to stand up for Margaret Thatcher on this blog. But when lazy-minded politicians like Vince Cable roll out old untruths, word for word, well, we really have to say something!

Momentum built up in the Eighties, especially when Mrs Thatcher made Scots the guinea pigs for the Poll Tax

Poll Tax "Guinea pigs"? Not again?! Thatcher didn't make Scots "guinea pigs" for the Tax. George Younger, Scottish Secretary of State, asked for the Tax a year early in Scotland because he didn't think the Scots should have to wait for the English!

Read more here.

Several of us involved with this blog were actually members of English "STOP THE POLL TAX" campaigns from 1988 onwards - and costly preparations were well underway for the planned introduction of the Tax in England and Wales in 1990.

Now, surely, if the Scots were to be used as "guinea pigs" for the Poll Tax, the preparations in England and Wales would have been put on hold, and surely it would take rather more than one year to prove the Tax's worth or otherwise? Wouldn't there be various wrinkles to be ironed out? Wouldn't introducing the Tax in Scotland in 1989 and holding off on any decision regarding England and Wales until around 1992 have been more logical if the "guinea pig" scenario was true?

Vince Cable's Daily Mail article is a very shoddy piece of writing. Simply recycling old claptrap is a bore.

And England comes nowhere in Mr Cable's deliberations, as usual.

Indeed, at the end of the article, there is a list of relevant people and places:

Alex Salmond,
Gordon Brown,
Vince Cable,
David Cameron,
Fred Goodwin
Northern Ireland,
United Kingdom
Scottish Parliament

But no sign of England.

Of course.