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Monday, October 06, 2008

Jim Murphy - Scottish Secretary Of State - Snout In The Trough As Gordon Brown Honours His Pledge To Put Scotland First...

In recent years, the UK Government post of Scottish Secretary was cut down to part-time. Why should Scotland have a Secretary of State at all, some of us asked? 75% of legislation passed by the UK Government no longer affects Scotland, and England doesn't have a Secretary of State and NOBODY speaks for England as a nation - MPs supposedly representing English constituencies are too busy guzzling at the trough to speak up on issues like the West Lothian Question, the Barnett Formula, health apartheid, etc.

And now, not content with having its own parliament and part-time Secretary of State, Scotland has a full-time Secretary again - thanks of course to English revenue and Scots greed.

From the CEP News Blog:

Jim McMurphy, the new Secretary of State for Scotland, has got off to a flying start.

He apparently told Gordon McBrown that he would only take the job on the condition that it was full time and not combined with another cabinet position like it was with Des McBrowne. At a time when the British government has the least relevance to the people of Scotland as it has for over 300 years, appointing a full-time minister for Scotland is quite bizarre. Especially when taking into account that there is no Secretary of State for England and no England Office despite the British government having absolute control over England.

Gordon Brown, you really are honouring the 1989 Scottish Claim Of Right that you signed way back then, aren't you? You really are putting Scotland ahead of the rest of the UK in all you do?

And stick your snout in the trough, Jim Murphy - join the rest of the pigs!


  1. Full time North British Secretary created because Scotch Labour needs full time help to save its seats from the SNP and so keep its position of power over the English.

  2. Exactly right Gallimaufry.

    Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland, has been calling for the role to be scrapped.

    Gordon Brown has kept the role, even reinstated its full-time position, in order to Nat-bash the SNP.

    Its a futile attempt to try and preserve the Union.

    The role should be Scotland's voice in Westminster. Instead its Westminster's voice in Scotland.