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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Jim Murphy - Another Smug Scots Parasite - Feeding Off The English...

Jim Murphy: Scotland is a proud, historic nation... I'll do all I can for Scotland... I love Scotland... Scotland is the most wonderful place on earth... we Scots are so great I could wee myself, etc, etc...

How do we afford all these MPs? And how come so many are for Scotland only? There's Scots over-representation at Westminster, MSPs, Euro MPs, and now a new full-time Scottish Secretary of State - the un-admirable Jim "Gob" Murphy. The admirable Secret Person points out that Scotland, on top of all this, also has a regional minister - like the ones forced on England to ensure our country's break-up by the Scottish Raj at Westminster.

So, we know that these Scots MPs are out to further Scotland's interests and couldn't give a hang about England or its people, and it's good that Jim Murphy should immediately reveal his Little Scotlander personality on his new blog:

"I will work with anyone who wants to advance our interests. In Europe I worked with centre-right and centre-left governments, with conservative and nationalist. I even enjoyed working with the Communist President of Cyprus. I know from experience the importance of building alliance to achieve real progress. But I will also vigorously oppose ideas and actions that will damage Scotland and her people. I love Scotland. I am passionate about its past and optimistic about its future. No political party has a monopoly on patriotism and I will challenge anyone who says otherwise. We have a great diversity in Scotland but we can all be united by the Saltire."

Not the Union Flag, rammed down our throats in England, you understand, but the saltire. Much as we admire the Scots Parliament's work on encouraging an inclusive non-Celtic-myth Scottishness, Jim Murphy, as a UK Minister, completely ignores the UK angle and makes it plain that Scotland is simply in it for what it can get out:

"As Secretary of State I will be relentless in my pursuit in the interests of Scotland. I will be out and about, criss-crossing the country. Travelling from north to south, to cities, towns and villages to meet businesses and voluntary groups, to visit workplaces and factories, to host round-tables and hold debates. I will listen, learn and act. I will passionately put the case for our current constitutional settlement. Ours is a great nation, with a proud history and a great future. I look forward to meeting you and talking to you – and most of all hearing from you. This is the first of what will be a regular blog."

Jim Murphy, like so many in so-called UK politics, you are a smug, exclusive and unscrupulous git with your hand in English pockets and a determination to make your fellow countrymen into even more of an elite than ever.

Health apartheid, the West Lothian Question, the Barnett Formula is not enough, is it? Like it or not, this is all about the UK being run primarily for the benefit of an elite - the people of Scotland.

Gordon Brown, "our" non-representative PM, may have appointed this man to try and shut Salmond's gob a bit. But from the sound of Jim Murphy's fairly constant flow of smug, exclusive Scots nationalist verbal diarrhea so far, Gordy may have picked a dud.


  1. Well, on the whole, we think you're OK, SP, and we're very impressed by The Fair Flags Campaign. So "admirable" isn't too strong a word!