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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tesco Bias - Scottish And Welsh Suppliers

Not only is Tesco determinedly anti-England/anti-English in refusing to label English produce as English or to use the English flag on labelling, it also favours Scottish and Welsh suppliers over English.

From the Tesco site:

Meet Our Suppliers - Regional Produce

East England: 9 suppliers

East Midlands: 2 suppliers

North East England: 1 supplier

Northern Ireland - 6 suppliers

North West England - 2 suppliers

South East England - 4 suppliers

South West England (includes "Cornish" bias): 6 suppliers

Wales: 14 suppliers

West Midlands: 2 suppliers

Yorkshire: 3 suppliers

Scotland: 25 suppliers

You have to delve into the regional list to reveal the facts, but tot it all up, work out the size and population of each country, and you will see that Tesco is spectacularly biased towards Scottish suppliers, with Wales a close second. England with a population of over 50 million has 29 suppliers. Scotland, with a population of around 5 million has 25 suppliers, Wales with a population of around 3 million has 14 suppliers.

Here's a few other interesting facts from the Tesco site (the emphasis are ours):

"In Scotland, over 1200 Scottish farmers supply Tesco with fresh quality beef."

"In Kent, we have worked with British strawberry growers to increase the quality and quantity of their strawberries and grow them for longer."

"Already we sell more than 500 Welsh products - for example, all milk sold in Welsh stores is Welsh and 1,361 Welsh farmers supply us with beef and lamb. And we are always working to bring new Welsh products into stores across Wales and the rest of the UK."

See, Welsh, Scottish, British - but no English. Gobbleydook as British means English, Scottish or Welsh - and solid evidence of the anti-English/anti-England organisation Tesco is.

Boycott Tesco. Start Today. Every Little Helps.


  1. Tescos, fully in on the EU/McLabour Agenda.

  2. It's relentless, it really, really is. Can you feel the hate towards us from this bullying monolith? I certainly can...

    BTW, as a result of my latest phone call with Tesco customer services - and the posting of the episode on Waking Aitch, journo' Peter Oborne has apparently read it. Someone from his office rang me to ask if he could use some of it for a story he was doing... He is supposed to be ringing me up - and if he does, I will point him to your post as further evidence of Tesco's obsession with ethnic cleansing...