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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ed Balls, Bigot, Would Rather Mislead The Public Than Mention England...

Ed Balls - anti-English/anti-England racist bigot.

From the BBC:

Schools are being given advice on how to prevent pupils becoming drawn to violent extremism and terrorism.

Guidelines are being made available to primary and secondary schools in England to help them discuss the issues surrounding extremist views.

Schools Secretary Ed Balls said schools could play a "key role" in getting young people to reject extremism.

And from BT Yahoo news:

Ed Balls: "Dealing with violent extremism is nothing new for the UK and we have learnt from past experience that a security response is not enough."

"For the UK"? But your remit does not cover the UK, Mr Balls - only England. Should a man who obviously hates England and the English so much he can't even bring himself to mention the words when they are strictly relevant to the subject being discussed be allowed to co-ordinate policy to help steer young minds away from bigotry, hatred and extremism?

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