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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Coronation Street - Anti-English To The Core!

1960s heyday - Coronation Street before it turned against the English and began licking Scots' bottoms.

We published a post on here a few days ago about the furore surrounding a Scots character slagging off a Scots football team in the ITV1 soap opera Coronation Street. A few Scots football fans complained, and Granada took out the offending words. However, Granada kept in other offensive words about the Scots character hating the "English" national anthem (in reality the British national anthem, there is no English national anthem).

From our original post:

Of course there is NO English national anthem. Officially, God Save The Queen is the national anthem of Britain - which includes Scotland and Wales.

However, Scotland and Wales sing their own anthems at football matches, leaving the English teams with the British anthem - which is absurd. But some English people do perceive God Save The Queen as being the English national anthem. When hoary old ITV Granada soap Coronation Street recently scripted a character as commenting that he hated "warm beer, the English national anthem, and Glasgow Rangers" the line was edited out. Not out of any respect for English monarchists or beer lovers, you understand, but because the show simply did not want to offend Scots football fans.

But now we know that only the comment which was offensive to Glasgow Rangers fans was removed. The racist, anti-English comment was left in. Imagine a Corrie character stating that he/she hated the national anthem of any other country. Can you imagine the uproar? One of the sickest shows on the box for some years, Corrie now turns on its own country of origin.

Still, it's heyday was the 1960s and it's been in decline ever since. Now it's apparently in its dotage. But are people really upset about crumbly old Corrie allowing anti-English bile in its episodes?

After the episode was broadcast tonight, we almost immediately received this comment from Alfie:


They kept the reference to 'The English national anthem in!!!!

Fascist bastards!!!"

The reference to the Scottish football team was certainly less offensive than the anti-English comment. And yet in deference to a few whingers Granada took out the words. The feelings of English viewers were ignored.

Coronation Street is now very sick indeed - apparently encouraging hatred against its own home nation, and casting Scots in a bad light too for making such bigoted comments.

Surely it's time to pull the plug on this rambling, bigoted, mess?

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