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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jana Bennett: The Anti-English BBC Is At It Again...

Left: yet another anti-English/anti-England racist from the BBC - this one is Jana Bennett - what a twisted little smile! Right: Delia, evidently Jana's style guru, on the cover of her best selling "Cookery Course", 1982.

When Dr Who was moved to BBC Wales we were a little surprised. But OK, it turned out fine. Until the anti-English slurs we initially dreaded started turning up in the scripts. Remember this?

Now, Jana Bennett, Director of BBC Vision (what?!!) who in some photographs looks a dead ringer for a twisty-smiled version of Delia Smith in the early 1980s, has decided that Wales will become a centre of excellence for drama - so other high profile dramas, hand grown in England, will be produced there, including Casualty - based in Bristol since its inception in 1986.

Meanwhile, Scotland gets Newsnight (there is already a Scottish Newsnight, but the London version will now move to Scotland too), The Weakest Link and other high profile factual and entertainment shows.

But wait! Salford gets CBBC! And Birmingham gets Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower Show - thus becoming the centre for horticultural excellence!


The BBC Press Office has all the facts:

The BBC Trust has set the Executive a new target for Out of London of 50% by 2016. The plan involves growth in Nations from the 2007 figure of 6% of network spend to 17% by 2016, with an interim target of 12% by 2012, and in English Regions the growth will be from 26% now to 33% by 2016.

Note Nations (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and English regions - England is apparently not a nation, although 78% of those polled in the North East, the only area allowed a referendum, voted against regionalisation. Like the UK Government, the BBC doesn't listen to the people of England.

The so-called nations should account for 17% of the BBC's "network spend" by 2016, whilst the so-called English regions (of course mentioned second, there is no English nation, of course) rise from 26% to 33% by 2016. But there are lots and lots more people in the so-called English regions than in the so-called nations. So the BBC is being grossly unfair.

England pays the lion's share of the enforced licence fee and the BBC then craps all over us, playing racist favourites with the inaccurately named "Celtic fringe".

And remember lots of high profile stuff looks to be heading to the nations whilst the regions (formerly known as "England") lose some more of their home grown stuff (like Casualty) and get a load of low profile crap in return.

Jana Bennett and the like take their money from us. But they don't serve us.

But hopefully the likes of thoroughly anti-English Jana will have a rude awakening soon as the thoroughly anti-English BBC ceases to exist.

This cannot go on for much longer.

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