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Friday, October 31, 2008

WE Live In UK/Europe/The World - But Some People Live In "Bonnie Scotland"

Neice No 1 came to us last night having been reading about her favourite soaps on a soap chat site. Why is it, she asked, some people list their homes as being "bonnie Scotland" but ignore England? She pointed out a small example of this regarding the location of the ITV1 soap Coronation Street - a "Bonnie Scotlander" lists it as being in "UK/Europe/The World".

It's a small example of a much wider problem. Perhaps it's more surprising when Scots living in Scotland do it, but it's actually far more prevelant in England itself!

England - the land that people ignore... but at least one person on the thread seemed aware of the old homeland...

This one by Drew and Fiona

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  1. The Scots have to keep on humming up from where they come from because its painfully obvious that they suffer from a historical inferiority complex, and that their very identity is based not who they are, but who they are not (English).

    Quite frankly i find them and their Region utterly pathetic and pitiful.