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Sunday, October 05, 2008

"Keep Celts Onside, Seb!" Says Angharad Mair Of Wales On Sunday - What A Racist Notion!

It always makes us smile when we witness the rampant double standards and mythology perpetrated by certain individuals from our neighbouring countries. In today's Wales On Sunday, Angharad Mair advises Lord Seb Coe to "Keep The Celts Onside"!

But the Celts were an ancient white tribe and nothing to do with modern day Scotland and Wales. Indeed, there are doubts that the Celts ever reached these islands en-masse! So, what's she on about?

Wales and Scotland are not Celtic, and are most certainly not all white nations, which, carried to its logical conclusion is what Ms Mair is saying. There is a feeling of some kind of exclusive club comprised of Scotland and Wales to the exclusion of all others in this kind of racist cosying up. The origins of the Scots nationality are not the same as those of the Welsh.

Indeed, up until a few hundred years ago, the Scots and Welsh were never even called "Celts"!

Angharad Mair you are in our opinion, perhaps unknowingly, a racist. But in these days of devolution and a Scots and Welsh elite, your type are going to be challenged more and more.

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