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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cornwall Is Not A Country - But Anti-English Tesco Says It Is...

Cornwall is a county of England. Despite the racist cries of those fancying themselves as "pure blooded Celts" (no such thing) and others simply concerned that Cornwall should be independent, it is still a county of England. And should remain one until a referendum decides otherwise. Until the people have spoken.

We have friends born in Cornwall who firmly believe they are English and that Cornwall is an English county. But Tesco, rabidly anti-English, have decided to butter up the racist fantasy "Celtic" clique in Cornwall by slapping a Cornish flag on their "finest" range.

This makes no sense at all. Cornwall is not a nation. And county flags are missing from all other Tesco produce.

What on earth is Tesco playing at?

Read the whole tale at Waking Hereward.

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