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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Andrew O'Hagan - Anti-English Racist First To Speak On BBC Radio 4 "Made In England" Series...

Where on earth does the BBC's anti-English bias stop? A series of programmes on BBC Radio 4 called Made In England kicked off with the anti-English poison of a Scot called Andrew O'Hagan. Oddly enough, both Chris and Maria have met Mr O'Hagan and comments he made to them on the subject of the English and England and on the BBC Radio 4 programme would probably have landed him under police investigation if he'd uttered the same about any other race or nationality.

An anti-English racist and egotist, terribly young both in physical fact and mentality, Mr O'Hagan is one of those people who gives bigots a bad name - hideous generalisations and absolute contempt for the chosen punch bag - in Mr O'Hagan's case, the English. During the course of the programme, Mr O'Hagan displayed the most appalling arrogance and ignorance - he didn't even know that Tony Blair was Scottish!

The BBC and Arts Council England - another of those evil regionalised ventures of the UK Government, should hang their heads in shame for letting this pathetic young bigot have air time. But of course they won't. And you have to pay for it out of your Government funding and BBC licence fee.

“England is dead and gone - it’s with George Orwell in the grave.” says Andrew O'Hagan. Wrong. Mr O'Hagan is doing the image of the Scots and the future of the UK no good at all.

We're sorry on the first count. But so glad on the second!

Big hat-tip to For England.


We've had a couple of e-mails asking where Chris and Maria met Mr O'Hagan and what anti-English comments he made to us. We happened upon him in Glasgow, about a year ago, when we were visiting Chris' uncle. Mr O'Hagan was conducting various interviews, and we spoke to him. We can't recount his exact words, but basically he told us that the English were lazy, bigoted, arrogant, smug and violent - and that the only good thing about England was incomers. when we mentioned the England Parliament issue, he said that England was finished. A lot of what he said on "Made In England" struck us as a reheating of things he'd said to us last year!

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