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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

"Fuck 'Em!" - Seb Coe On The Scots And Welsh, And Gordon Brown's Fellow Countryman To Head 2012 Olympics Football Team...

We're staggered that the squeaky clean geek runner from the 1980s, Seb Coe, knows language like this but in his arrogant determination to ignore the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish football associations' rejection of a British football team at the 2012 Olympics, he has announced such a team will go ahead anyway. And what of the un-English objectors? "Fuck 'em!" was unexpectedly foul-mouthed Sebby's alleged response.

Good grief! Didn't this man advertise wholesome Horlicks back in the 1980s? Wasn't he the man many little sporty types wanted to be? Our idol has feet of clay, chaps and chappesses! What a swizz!

So, once again, the English are to be submerged by the "British" tag - and our sheep-like Nivea boys will be mincing for Britain.

And, thanks to Gordon Brown and Sebby, the said mincers will be managed by a Scot - Alex Ferguson, no less! Said Gordy:

"We will see who wants to be part of this and then we will get a manager that everybody will be happy with.

"And I know Alex Ferguson has been approached by Seb Coe, and I have spoken to him about it."

And Gordy also said: "Britain is the home of football, which we gave to the world, and people will be surprised if there is an Olympic tournament in football and we are not part of it."

Wrong, you arrogant, anti-English git, ENGLAND is the home of the football!

And as somebody wrote on the comments thread for the Sky News article linked to:

Ferguson? Brown has got to be joking! Remember how Ferguson coached foreign teams in order to get England knocked out of the World Cup!

As the CEP News Blog points out: A British football team is to be created consisting only of English players with a Scottish manager. Sport truly is a microcosm of society.

Staying with the CEP News Blog, we discovered the following:

The MoD press notice last Friday sounded sweet and innocent enough: ‘The Royal Navy frigate HMS Campbeltown left her base port in Plymouth last week for exercises off the Scottish coast’, until, as CEP Secretary and West Country organiser Veronica Newman pointed out to her Devon members, one read the next line: ‘The ship is currently heading into Rosyth for a 12-month overhaul.’

‘What that means,’ stated Mrs Newman, ‘is that multi-million-pound refit work on a West Country warship has been switched from Devonport to Scotland. It is the first time that a refit of any Type 22 frigate has been undertaken outside Devonport since the ships entered service in the 1980s; and what it means is more employment for Scottish naval shipyards and, as the GMB convenors in the Devonport dockyards have said, a loss of work for those in England.

‘It isn’t an accident that this has happened. It is all taking place under the watchful eye of the UK Scottish Secretary of State for Defence, Des Browne MP for Kilmarnock. It is his department, and specifically his department’s Surface Ship Supports arrangements section, that has agreed with Babcock Marine this switch of work from England to Scotland. Babock Marine has been responsible for warship upkeep since it took over Devonport Management Ltd (DML)’. It paid £350 million for DML in July 2007 but then in February of this year announced plans to axe up to 600 posts – more than 10 per cent of its Plymouth workforce.

‘Mr Browne’s decisions are all part of a pattern’, stated Mrs Newman. ‘There is growing evidence of preference for employment in the Scottish naval shipyards over those of England, even though historically it has been the English navy over centuries which has defended these islands and English sailors who have been among the greatest naval explorers and sea captains in world history. England had a navy under Alfred the Great when Scotland was still just a country of scattered clans. Only in July of this year Mr Browne’s ministry announced that Scotland will get 64% of the work on the two new giant aircraft carriers while England, with 80% of the UK population, will get a mere 34%.

It's like a nightmare. But as The Jam said, back in 1980: "The Public Gets What The Public Wants". Until people are willing to stand up to these arrogant anti-English/anti-England swines infesting Westminster, we're going to get a lot more of the same - Scots MPs feathering Scotland's nest at the expense of every man, woman and child in England.

Whilst MPs supposedly representing English constituencies stick their snouts in the trough and don't give a damn.

Well, to (allegedly) quote Lord Coe - "fuck 'em!" and fuck him, too. But may we suggest a very long barge pole for the job?

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