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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Anti-English Coronation Street - Happy To Offend The English, Whilst Crawling To The Scots...

Of course there is NO English national anthem. Officially, God Save The Queen is the national anthem of Britain - which includes Scotland and Wales.

However, Scotland and Wales sing their own anthems at football matches, leaving the English teams with the British anthem - which is absurd. But some English people do perceive God Save The Queen as being the English national anthem. When hoary old ITV Granada soap Coronation Street recently scripted a character as commenting that he hated "warm beer, the English national anthem, and Glasgow Rangers" the line was edited out. Not out of any respect for English monarchists or beer lovers, you understand, but because the show simply did not want to offend Scots football fans.

From the BBC:

Coronation Street bosses have changed the script for an episode of the soap after complaints from Rangers fans.

Supporters complained after the character Tony Gordon - played by Scottish actor Gray O'Brien - made a jibe about the Glasgow club.

O'Brien's character had said: "I could no more be interested in Rosie Webster than I could support Glasgow Rangers."

An ITV spokeswoman confirmed that after "dozens" of complaints, the script for a forthcoming episode had been changed.

ITV said that line seemed "to have caused some upset".

One of the character's lines in a future episode - reported to be a remark that he was allergic to "warm beer, the English national anthem and Glasgow Rangers" - has now been dropped.

The spokewoman said: "Both comments were in keeping with the character of Tony Gordon.

"But we have to bear in mind that it does seem to have caused some upset so the decision was made to take the line out.

"It doesn't compromise the drama of the episode and if it did then the line definitely wouldn't have been taken out."

She added: "We also felt in the absence of a character balancing things up on the other side of the Old Firm, it was a line not worth repeating."

The complaints from the Scots football fans are typically selfish and immature.

There's far too much kow-towing to the Scots and crapping on the English going on. "Our" PM represents a Scots constituency, and around 75% of legislation his government passes does not affect his own constituents. You can now die in England for want of medication available on the NHS in Scotland. And MPs representing Scots constituencies force legislation onto England. Prescriptions are free to all in Wales and soon to be in Scotland and Northern Ireland. In England, they rise and rise in price.

And let's not forget that England subsidises Scotland and Wales via the Barnett Formula, which even its creator, Lord Joel Barnett, has declared as being unfair to England.

Or that Gordon Brown signed The Scottish Claim of Right in 1989, vowing to always put Scotland's interests first. This is surely bizarre for a UK PM, who should be treating each UK nation equally.

And now Corrie is kow-towing to gobby Scots, whilst ignoring English sensitivities?

Personally, we thought the show, which was in its heyday in the 1960s, went completely down the pan in the early 1990s. But it seems new lows are still possible.

Oh, and if you think the ignorance of the Coronation Street scriptwriters' is a little beyond the pale and that there should actually be a national anthem for England, take a look here.


  1. That comment was due to be uttered in tonight's episode.....

    I know they have dropped the reference to Rangers - but, I wonder if they will keep the insult to the 'English' anthem and warm beer?

    I shall be watching with interest.


    They kept the reference to 'The English national anthem in!!!!

    Fascist bastards!!!