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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sir Kenneth Calman Tells Us We Musn't Think Of England As A Country - We Must Think Of It As A Collection Of Regions...

"It depends where you live in England. It's quite important you don't think about England as a single place - you can break down the regions quite nicely. If you look at London for example, you would see London does pretty well."

London does not do pretty well out of the Barnett Formula - the Formula does not apply to London.

And many things - like health apartheid - are felt across the country by the people of England.

What the hell are you talking about, Sir Kenneth? The North East, the only area of England allowed a referendum, voted 78% NO to regionalisation. So why are you trying to insist that's how we look at England, not as a single place, a united country, but as "regions"?

Do we really need another Scots dictator and divider and ruler doing the rounds in England? Because that's clearly what Calman is.

Hat-tip to the glorious Witanagemot.

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  1. Why?, because hes working for the EU, as is Broon and the rest of McLabour to carve England up into these "Regions" for their Brussels employers to rule.