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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Anti-English David Cameron Cosies Up To Gordon Brown

Conservative leader David Cameron offered to suspend political hostilities to help the Government deal with the crisis in the financial markets.

He was aiming to avoid a British repeat of the wrangling in Congress which blocked George Bush's 700 billion-dollar (£385bn) plan to rescue US banks.

In an emergency speech to the Tory conference in Birmingham, Mr Cameron offered his party's support for Government legislation to tackle the crisis and urged Prime Minister Gordon Brown to speed it onto the statute books when the Commons returns on Monday.

He announced that he was dropping Tory objections to a key element of the Government's Banking Reform Bill to ensure it passes smoothly through Parliament.

A sombre-faced Mr Cameron won applause from activists as he told the conference: "Let us not allow the political wrangling that took place in America to happen here in our own country. In Britain we are all in this together, so in Britain let us stick together and together we will find a way through."

Whatever the merits and pitfalls of Cameron's current choice of action, the fact is that as Opposition the Tories are useless anyway.

And the Party simply will not speak up for the people of England - as the most outrageous discrimination is practised against every man, woman and child in England, David Cameron insults those seeking justice "sour Little Englanders!" (in the linked article, Cameron chooses to tell lies about the Poll Tax in Scotland. The true facts are here) and bangs on about "Scottish blood" in his veins (what a racist concept!) and the fact that whilst those of us in England must be "British", his ancestors' apparently took part in the "Scottish Empire".

Cameron - you are an anti-English politician, one of many currently infesting Westminster, and you are one of the most dishonourable and unprincipled Opposition Leaders it's ever been our misfortune to encounter.

Die in England for want of medication available on the NHS in Scotland?

The West Lothian Question? The Barnett Formula?

"In Britain we are all in this together," you say. Well, you, Sir, are a liar - and like every other MP who refuses to speak up for the people of England, you have blood on your hands!

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