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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gordon Brown Demands Responsible Behaviour From the Tories - We Demand It Too!

Gordon Brown has demanded the Tories stop "point scoring". What? Things are far too cosy between Government and so-called Opposition already! Mr Brown wants "responsible" behaviour from the Conservative Party. Read it here.

So do we. The Tory party's leadership needs to develop a sense of responsibility to the electorate in England. Where is David Cameron's voice in the Regional Select Committees undemocratic carve-up of England outage? Nowhere.

And this is the man who brags about Scottish blood in his veins, his family's involvement in the "Scottish Empire" and calls those of us wanting equality in England "sour little Englanders".

Get with it, Tories, and Gordon Brown - FUCK OFF, YOU EVIL DICTATOR!

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