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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

1984 Lives!

From Old Holborn. Click on text for link:

Leg-iron here. OH is otherwise occupied, as you see above. (picture pinched from Guido)

Today, every MP should have a copy of 1984. Every one of them should then look at this image and then read the book. Twice.

Old Holborn and around ten other people have been stopped and searched by PCSO's. For walking. In fancy dress. In daylight.

There was no protest. No slogans, no chanting, just a walk. OH wondered if it was still legal to walk the streets dressed as he pleased, unmolested by authority. It seems not.

What threat do these PCSO's imagine a small group in fancy dress would pose? Terrorism? Don't they imagine for a moment that the last thing a terrorist would do when approaching a target is to look as conspicuous as possible?

And here's a TV character from the real 1984 - Diana, head of the charming Visitors in the sci-fi hit V. The world was being ruled by beautiful people from far above, but in reality they were hard hearted, conniving reptiles...

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