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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Donald Anderson, The SNP, Cornwall, And The Celtic Myth

We've long been concerned by the fact that Cornish nationalism seems to be encouraged by Scots and Welsh nationalists. We suspected that it is because of the Celtic myth - you know, "We're all part of the same ancient, WHITE tribe". And now, in the wake of the revelation of the BNP membership online, Glasgow SNP activist Donald Anderson has proved that there IS a form of exclusive so-called Celtic racism going on between Scots, Welsh, Northern Irish and Cornish nationalists:

Dear folks,

The entire membership of the BNP has been leaked. While this is illegal (it couldn’t happen to nicer people), it gives us the opportunity to vet our own membership from this list.

There are a large number of BNP members listed in Scotland , Wales , Cornwall and the north of Ireland . I don’t think we want any of them near any of the organisations we are in…

But do it quickly, this may not be up long.

If Mr Anderson simply believes that Scotland should be independent he should have no reason to drag in anywhere else in the UK. And the only thing linking Cornwall, Wales and Northern Ireland to Scotland is the white tribe Celtic myth.

And that's why, of course, Mr Anderson omits any mention of us, the mongrels of England, in his missive.

What an own goal! There are exclusive Celtic myth racists at work in the SNP.

Just as we suspected.

And before any "Cornish" nationalists leap on here, saying "You deny us our right to independence?", no we don't. We simply believe that it should not be campaigned for on racist grounds.

Thanks (for the second time today) to Gareth.


  1. Donald Anderson? He'll no doubt be one of the dreaded mongrel Scandinavian Andersons (one of his ancestors had an intimate relationship with a reindeer) from the red light district of old Trondheim Town.....

  2. Cornwall is a county that is absolutely riven with racism. Believe me, I've lived there! It's fed on the "ancient white tribe" myth as you suspect, and some of these folks actually believe they have more rights in Britain than the English or newly arrived ethnic minorities. As you say, a referendum is needed. Perhaps then, when England gets its parliament, Cornwall can be a tiny separate region, for the EU doesn't believe in nations, ruled from far away in Brussels, and then the "Cornish" will be happy.