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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The UK Government Says - England Does Not Exist And The Regions Come Last On Our List Of Priorities...

How low down the list do we come on "The Government Says" site?

Well, there's what the UK Government is saying about matters UK wide, or what the UK Government is saying about matters in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales and what the UK Government is saying on Travel Advice.

Next is what the UK Government is saying about the international scene - on The Whitehouse, The United Nations and something called "Spin Different".

And finally, what the UK Government is saying about The Regions - well down the list, aren't they? Broken up, tinpot areas, without proper democratic representation. Previously part of a nation called England. And last on the list even though the population of each individual region far outstrips the populations of Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

To the UK Government, England simply does not exist. And the UK regions are always the very last things to be considered.

UPDATE: Recall how the North East, the only area allowed a referendum, voted NO to reginalisation - by 78%? But as soon as Gordon Brown came to power he determined to make regions absolute, and, thanks to the casting vote of Harriet Harman on the Modernisation Committee, plus lapdog English MPs and MPs from elsewhere in the UK, eager to keep the "Celtic" elite, his dream has become reality.

This Government is so undemocratic, it beggars belief. More here.

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