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Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Constitution Unit - Give More Autonomy To Scotland And Wales, Continue To Ignore The Democratic Rights Of People In England...

The Constitution Unit at University College, London, has come up with more undemocratic proposals:

'New Deal' Needed for Wales and Scotland If UK is to Survive ; Pressures Grow Over Housing, Taxes, and Political Autonomy

So, Wales and Scotland need a "New Deal", on top of what they've already got, and England needs nothing. Let's re-examine the Barnett Formula, says the Constitution Unit - but not yet, there's a "down turn" and we must ensure the re-examination does not upset the devolved nations of the "UK" - and basically let's NEVER offer England the same as was offered to Scotland and Wales.

Let's ignore England.

In fact, quoted passages from the report refer frequently to elsewhere in the so-called "UK" but do not even mention England ONCE!

Who are these people at the Constitution Unit? What are people like Robert Hazell like? Undemocratic British Imperialists, determined that England remains the last colony of the British Empire?

The Constitution Unit want to break England up, abolish it, without giving the electorate a single say.

And what are the benefits of the Union for England? Whenever we ask, we get no replies.

There's a good old fashioned, emotive word that springs to mind when it comes to organisations like the Constitution Unit - and we use it without shame - that word is evil.

Hat-tips and love n' hugs to Gareth and the Witanagemot Club

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