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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jim Fitzpatrick And The Department Of Transport Tell Lies - It's ENGLAND Not Britain...

Alfie was on the case when it came to Jim Fitzpatrick, England's Transport Minister, telling lies - making out that his remit covered Scotland and Wales too...

And a direct quote from Jim within the press release clinches it - "Britain has one of the best road safety records in the world and the number of people killed or hurt has fallen dramatically in the last decade. But too many people are still dying on our roads".

Yup – it’s all about Britain all right.... Wondering if I had missed something - and that Transport had been de-devolved back to Westminster, I decided to ring them – just to make sure.

“Hi, is that the section responsible for road safety?”


“I’ve been watching Jim Fitzpatrick on the telly today – and the new initiative he is launching.... I notice that he keeps on saying it is a British-wide initiative. He keeps on saying it will cover ‘the whole country’. And that’s where I am getting a bit confused. I thought Transport was a devolved responsibility – so how, can Mr. Fitzpatrick be claiming a British jurisdiction when I know he simply does not have the power?”

“Errrrrrr, I’m not sure. Can you hang on a mo’?”

(I hung on for quite a few moes, actually).

“Hello – yes, well. Apparently, Mr. Fitzpatrick was only talking about England”.

“What!!!!!........ Only about England?”

“Yes. Only about England”

Read it all here.

And before you shrug and say "what does it matter?" may I point out that England is not Britain. Britain is Scotland, Wales and England. And when Government Ministers and Departments are lying to you about their remit there has to be something seriously amiss.

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