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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Gordon Brown - Evil Dictator - Hails Barack Obama

Gordon Brown, who signed the Scottish Claim of Right in 1989, vowing to put Scottish interests first in all he did, has hailed the election of Barack Obama as President of the USA.

Says Gordon, who is one of the most corrupt and downright evil men British politics has ever known:

"I know that the values we share in common and the policies we work on together will enable us, these two countries, to come through these difficult economic times and build a safer and more secure society for the future,"

He has also flagged up their joint commitment to "progressive" politics.

But Gordon Brown is a liar. He backed devolution for Scotland, his own country, whilst ensuring that Scots MPs at Westminster can force legislation onto the English. He presides over a "United Kingdom" where you can die in England for want of medication available on the NHS in Scotland.

He believes that Scots lives are worth more than English lives, and that Scottish politics should be more democratic than English politics. That Scots should have better services than the English. In his last act as UK Chancellor, Gordon Brown quietly slashed the budget of the English NHS, whilst leaving the Scots and Welsh services fully intact.

From the Financial Times:

Gordon Brown quietly slashed by a third this year’s hospital building and equipment budget in one of his last acts as chancellor.

Prompted by the tightness of the public finances, the new prime minister, who has placed the NHS as his “immediate priority”, cut the capital budget of the English NHS for 2007-08 from £6.2bn to £4.2bn. The move could delay the government’s hospital building and reconfiguration programme in England.

However, Mr Brown avoided equivalent cuts to the Scottish and Welsh NHS budgets even though the funding formula for the UK nations suggests they should have shared the pain. That decision leaves him open to criticism that he favoured patients in his home country.

This may be an auspicious day for America but Britain, nay, England, is in the grip of an evil political regime.

Let's not forget that. And let's not give Gordon Brown the satisfaction of shrilling his smug platitudes unchallenged on this or any other occasion.

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