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Friday, November 07, 2008

"Shrill" English? True Brit George Carey Doesn't Get Devolution Issues At All...

George Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, has been wittering to The Friends Of Ely Cathedral about devolution.

Is Britain disintegrating? Mr Carey took The Friends Of Ely Cathedral through the card, from soup to nuts. It is worth remembering as you read that Mr Carey is British, not English. He has been very much a part of the British Establishment. In his speech, the only resident group from the UK who come in for any negative handling are the English. The emphasis is ours:

"Indeed, it was not long before shrill English complaints began to be heard about the Scots taking over."

As you are talking about the 1700s, how do you know they were "shrill", Mr Carey? Isn't "shrill" a little emotive, a little negative, a little biased? Isn't there a little subtle brainwashing going on here? The English weren't being reasonable in your opinion, were they, Mr Carey? Your use of the word "shrill" summons up very negative images of the people rocking the boat.

"My wife, with Scottish blood flowing through her veins, will proudly affirm her Scottish identity which always becomes more visible when we go north of the border on holiday, as we did this summer, or when Scotland is playing England at any sport."

There is no such thing as "Scottish blood", Mr Carey. There's something unhealthy at work here - by all means put your wife on a pedestal, but don't play up to the notion that she is of some wonderful pure race and surely the sort of pride you attribute to her is sinful?

As we have already stated, George Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, is a British Establishment figure and is British. We believe nationality is largely a state of mind. And given two choices, Carey opts for Britishness. He says nothing positive about Englishness.

And the only note of censure in any of his "worthy" ramblings is against the English - accusing us of being "shrill" on one occasion.

At the end of the day, Carey believes that we'd ALL be poorer without the Union.

Bollocks, Mr Carey.

Sorry, but from his privileged position, we think George Carey has no perception of what it is like to suffer from the inequalities foisted on the English by devolution. And with his background, we do not believe he has any perception of what it is like to be English. As the comedian Bob Hope once said, his parents were English - they were too poor to be British.

We're sure that there are many other points raised by Mr Carey in his long speech that are of worth, but for us these few sprinklings of anti-English bitchiness, familiar Scots bum licking, and equally familiar "The Union Must Survive Or We'll Lose Terribly" fervour added such an unpalatable flavour to the concoction we stopped reading.

We love The Witanagemot Club!!

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