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Friday, November 28, 2008

"S" Is For "Sainsbury's", "Scottish" and "Saltire"...

Regular readers of this blog (bless you both!) will know how much we detest the growing trend in supermarkets to label produce from Scotland as "Scottish" and to feature the Saltire on the packing, whilst submerging England under "British" - complete with Union Flag.

We'd have more sympathy with a display of Welsh dragons. After all, Wales was already a principality of England at the time of Union and the dragon is not featured on the Union Flag.

Sainsbury's has been guilty of an anti-English stance in the past, but today, for the first time, we saw the store following the odious examples of Tesco, Asda, and the Co-op, with the Saltire making its appearance on so-called "Scottish" produce, whilst English produce remains submerged as "British" - complete with Union Flag.

The Scots are not an ethnic minority and Scotland is not a separate country, deserving of such treatment. The Saltire is actually part of the Union Flag, and it was the Union of the kingdoms of Scotland and England which brought about the "British" nationality in the first place.

Either Sainsbury's recognises the constituent nations of the UK and labels all products accordingly, or they use the Union Flag. The Union Flag is every bit as relevant to Scotland as it is to England.

To add to the nonsense, our local Sainsbury's also had a monotonous display of bunting today, proclaiming "Proud To Be British". Clearly the people behind this garbage are obviously highly ignorant of what "British" actually is and/or very anti-English.


An e-mail from "Stephen"

"Scotland is not a separate country"..... Erm, yes it is actually.

What planet are you guys on?

Thank god I want independance from you lot!

We say: Scotland is a separate country from the UK? My goodness, what thick witted planet do you hail from, Stephen? The UK came about because of the union of the kingdoms of Scotland and England. Wales was a principality of England at the time.

Your desire for independence (not "independance" as you wrote) is reciprocated. And if you don't know what that means there are books called dictionaries where you can look it up, dear.

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  1. The real amusing thing is that even after the Scotch vote for "Independence" (if they ever do that is) Salmond is committed to FULL 'EU membership' and he will sign them away fully to be ruled by Mother Brussels.

    So they wont be 'Independent' anyway!, priceless.

    England doesnt need or want the Scotch Region Politically, financially nor Militarily.