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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Kerry McCarthy

The UK Government is occupying England. Its politicians are sometimes non-accountable, forcing legislation on to England like Top Up Fees and Foundation Hospitals. Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, is not accountable to his own constituents for 75% of the legislation passed by his Government. MPs, from England, Scotland or Wales are usually anti-England. Health apartheid, the West Lothian Question, the Barnett Formula - they don't care. Most are intensely arrogant and will stick their fingers in their ears and hum loudly whenever people outside of the Westminster elite try to speak up.

Kerry McCarthy is one of these MPs. Like so many of her peers, she knows best. She doesn't need to listen.

Like so many of her peers she is a frightening human being.

The mass sending of copies of George Orwell's 1984 to "our" (speech marks intended) MPs seems to have been largely ignored - and certainly by the media. But as the likes of Kerry McCarthy increase their arrogant humming and the likes of Auntie BBC continue to try and smother our voices in British Establishment propaganda, we'll continue to raise the decibels this side of the great divide.

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