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Friday, November 07, 2008

Pat Smith - Scot - Astonished By "Inaccuracies" In The Cumberland News, Then Supplies Her Own

It is often a disturbing experience to read Scottish nationalist threads - the amount of anti-English vitriol is sometimes astounding. Whilst some Scots share our distaste for this, there are always those who are in denial, but ever ready to scream "FOUL!" every time any English dissent appears in the popular press.

Pat Smith, of Larkhall, Lanarkshire, appears to be one of these.

Here is a letter she sent to the Cumberland News, with a few replies from us inserted (in red italics):

Stop griping about devolution and demand benefits of English Parliament
Last updated 11:05, Friday, 07 November 2008

As a Scot, who has returned to living in Scotland following 21 years in Carlisle, I was astonished by the vitriol penned by your correspondents (The Cumberland News, October 10) on the situation north of the border.

Are you ever astonished by anti-English vitriol from Scots, Ms Smith?

I was also astonished by the inaccuracies in their letters.

Surely, if correspondents take the time to write letters, they should take the time to do some research before making their assertions.

Pensioners in Scotland, regardless of income and wealth, do not receive a free central heating system.

The Scottish Government Central Heating Programme operates a strict eligibility criteria and the programme is not available to all those of pensionable age.

We wouldn't know. We do know they qualify for free care without selling their homes.

Also the Barnett Formula, which I agree badly needs revision, does not carry tax raised in England to Scotland on a one-way street.

Oil revenue raised in Scotland does not find its way into the Scottish Government’s coffers, it goes direct to the UK Treasury.

Firstly the oil is a UK resource. And some of the oil and gas is actually in English waters anyway. And on top of that, back in the 1960s, the UK Government tweaked the maritime border between England and Scotland under the Continental Shelf Act - placing English oil in a Scottish sector. The English were not consulted because it was thought that the oil was a UK resource and revenue would be shared equally. More here.

This has not happened. Not only was Scotland bailed out of bankrupcy by the English in 1707, but the country has benefitted from higher spending for many years since.

If Scotland wants to go it alone, then the maritime border must be corrected and Scotland must meet its share of the UK bills, before it claims the traditional Scottish sector of a UK resource. It is interesting that individuals in the Shetland Isles are also crying "IT'S OUR OIL!" and an increasing number do not regard the Shetlands as a part of Scotland.

As it is, recent calculations show that even if Scotland was awarded all the oil revenue, including England's share, it would not break even - more in the Guardian.

From north of the border, it would appear that:

a) The English have no liking for their own government within a UK Federal State and are content to be governed by a UK government.

We have never been offered our own government "within a UK Federal State". Try doing some research, Ms Smith!

b) The Welsh, who were originally in discussions for a devolved Parliament but opted instead for an Assembly, are content with the current status quo.

Scotland, on the other hand, has had a Scottish National Party Government for the past 18 months and despite Labour Party predictions the world, as we know it in Scotland, has not come to an end.

The main parties in the Scottish Parliament all agree that there should be greater powers devolved to it.

All parties are in agreement with the late Donald Dewar when he said, at the opening of the first Scottish Parliament for 300 years, that devolution was a process, not an end in itself.

It is Gordon Brown and the current Scottish Labour MPs who are reneging on that promise out of fright and their seeming inability to accept that the Labour Party is no longer the Government on both sides of the border.

Your correspondents may not realise that Gordon Brown and his fellow Scots MPs are just as unpopular in Scotland as they appear to be in the rest of the UK.

Then one is Gordon Brown re-elected as a Scots constituency MP?

Most Scots would be hard pushed to name their MP or the Westminster Front Bench, but they would have a fair idea of who’s who in the Scottish Parliament.

Perhaps your correspondents could make more constructive use of their time by persuading their country folk of the benefits of devolution and why a UK Federal State with an independent Scotland would be beneficial to us all.

A "UK Federal State with an independent Scotland"? Does not compute. The UK was formed by the union of Scotland and England. Poor research on your part again, Ms Smith.


Some good points in this letter, some lousy research and a bit of a one-eyed biased view. Shame.

Thanks to the Witanagemot Club.

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