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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Select Committees: The Abolition Of England Is Decided By MPs From Scotland And Wales

From The Anglo Saxon Chronicle:

Yesterday the House of Commons backed government plans to set up new select committees for English regions. The Government won the vote by only 34 votes (254 votes to 220)

Now please take note, these are English Regions.

The Government only got this through with the support of 69 MP's who do not represent English constituents

What do English Regions have to do with Labour's 29 Welsh MP's and 38 Scottish MP's?

So, England's destruction has been decided by English hating Scots and Wales MPs, with no accountability to the electorate in England AT ALL. This is DICTATORSHIP. The electorate in the North East voted 78% against regionalisation. No other area of England was allowed a referendum.

Big hat tip to the Witanagemot Club.

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