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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Gordon Brown - Deluded Scottish Jingoist (And Anti-English, Of Course!)?

 Laughed like drains when we read Gordon Brown's pro-union speech as reported in the The Scotsman.

"I believe that as a result of implementing -across the UK- Scottish values that emphasis social justice and opportunity for all, we have narrowed the inequalities between the nations of the United Kingdom."

Social justice? The Barnett Formula? The West Lothian Question? The pure evil that is the UK treatment of the nation of England and all its people? Yes, we've noticed Scottish values being implemented in England - the values of "We're all right, Jack, stuff you lot in England - we hate you anyway!"

Gordon, you really do seem rather strange to us. And incredibly twisted, jingoistic and uncaring. But our opinion doesn't matter does it? As long as your little nation of five million souls continues to leach off and dominate a nation of around fifty five million souls, you simply don't give a damn, do you?