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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BBC Cornwall's Graham Smith - Encouraging The Racist "Celtic" Myth

Regular readers here know that we favour recognition of Cornwall's demands to leave the UK (note - leave - not become another elitist "Celtic" nation hanger-on like Scotland and Wales - this is what some of the "Cornish" nationalists seem to be seeking), but we don't favour the Celtic myth.

This was something rather romantically applied to the Scots and Welsh in the 1700s. It's not accurate, but who cares? Well, we do because it smacks of racism (some of those charming neighbours of ours use it to assert the myth they were here first and therefore should have the right to boot the rest of us out), but however it is used it is false and racist.

The Celts were ancient WHITE tribes, and the term is frankly offensive when applied to modern day areas of the UK.

The PC crowd fawn all over it, of course, seeing an (invented) ethnicity claiming to have been treated badly by the horrid English. But that is not the truth.

Yes to us saying a fond farewell to Cornwall if its people so desire it, NO to fake and exclusive claims of "pure" ethnicity!

Worryingly, Graham Smith of BBC Radio Cornwall seems quite happy to flag up the Celtic myth.

Many thanks to my friends in the Kernow branch of the Celtic League for their press release announcing they have been granted "Roster Status" within the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) at the United Nations.

Many thanks to his friends?!

Surely he should be impartial?!

What is wrong with the BBC?!!

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