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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BBC Tucks Away England To Conceal Truth About NHS Budget Cuts

We all know that the BBC is fully involved in covering up wherever possible the blatant discrimination by the UK Government against the people of England, and, in the wake of the Budget, here's another little gem:

The Department of Health says it is to make cuts of £4.35bn over three years in an "efficiency savings" drive.

It is the biggest contribution to £11bn of government savings announced in last year's pre-Budget report.

Ah, the Department of Health! So, we're still a United Kingdom, are we? All will share the pain?

But tucked away under other Budget cuts news, five paragraphs down:

The health service in England faces making the biggest cuts - £4.35bn, which it says can be achieved through procurement, savings in its national IT programme, energy efficiency, better use of property and reducing staff sick leave, something it says alone could save £555m.

Ah, so it's only the health service in ENGLAND is it, that is making cuts of £4.35bn?

Neatly tucked away by the twisted BBC.

And I bet David "Sour Little Englanders" Cameron and Nick "Hardly Anybody Voted For Me, But Look At Me Now - LOADS OF MONEY!" Clegg are well chuffed.

I really hate the BBC.

The British Bastard Corporation, bent on deceit.

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