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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Gerald Kaufman - Equality for England Is Racist - Let The Scots And Welsh Be Privileged...

We don't really want English Votes For English Legislation - we want a fully-fledged English Parliament - either within or without the UK.

But, with the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish enjoying far higher spending levels than us in England via the Barnett Formula, which the late Lord Joel Barnett, who created the formula, said he was "ashamed of", and the West Lothian Question breaking down our democracy and foisting things like Foundation Hospitals on us at the will of MPs representing Scots constituencies, whose own constituents do not suffer them, it seems like a small step in the right direction.

Of course, some racists in Westminster do not like England at all - Gerald Kaufman, backbench Labour MP and long-serving anti-English lobbyist, is one of them. He brands anything that gives England some parity as "racist" (having a Scottish Parliament and higher public spending there is not, of course), and witters on:

"Is it not a glory of this house that every MP from those holding the highest office through to the most newly elected MP is equal in the division lobbies. Is it not a fact that this government is undermining not simply whatever differences there may be between outlooks from people of different counties within the UK but this government is undermining the whole basis of British democracy," he added.

British democracy? The West Lothian model? No thanks.

Different counties? Different counties in Scotland too - but that country still has national recognition.

He apparently added something about the Magna Carta - but that was English, not British.

Do learn your history, Mr K!

Mr Kaufman, YOU are the racist, you seek to perpetuate a system which discriminates against every human being in England, the largest and most cosmopolitan of all UK nations.

Hang your head in shame. You fool nobody.

And as for Angela Eagle, in the running to become deputy Labour leader, groaning on about the "rushed and partisan way" EVEL is progressing, was it not the same when Scotland got its parliament? I don't recall any consultation with voters in my country (England) about it. But we live in the so-called "UK" and this was a massive constitutional change, brought about by your own party.

 Ms Eagle, your anti-England/English ways are out of date. Labour needs to adapt. There have been two classes of MPs in the House since devolution - those that can only vote on issues that affect their own constituents, and those that have the dubious "right" to override democracy and vote on others. That's how England got Foundation Hospitals and a monstrous hike in tuition fees.

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