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Friday, June 11, 2010

Jon Kelly - Racist BBC - The "Celtic Nations"

Here's Jon Kelly writing for the BBC:

As the World Cup kicks off, many football fans from the UK's celtic nations say they will support ABE - Anyone But England. Why does this inflame so much passion on both sides?

Um, so the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish are Celts, are they? Descendants of ancient white tribes?

Given that they weren't even called that until the 1700s, and we live in a modern day, multi-ethnic UK, I find the "Celtic" thing hard to believe.

After all, if the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish are all of common (white) stock, why was Shirley Bassey so proud to be Welsh? If they look after each other as some kind of "brotherhood", why was Ireland partitioned by Lloyd George, a Welsh Prime Minister? Why aren't the Scots screaming that their "Celtic" cousins in Wales deserve parity with Scotland - equal spending and a parliament?

When will the BBC stop perpetrating the myth that the English are racists, unfit to lick any body's boots, whilst boosting up the populist, racist "Celtic" myth of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?

And why do the English HAVE to pay for this dreadful organisation, so intent on doing them down?

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