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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Gary Younge - Don't Mention The '80s! - "Wally Of The Week"!

Gary Younge wrote in the New Statesman:

When I was growing up in Stevenage in Hertfordshire during the 1970s, the question of who to support in the World Cup never posed much of a dilemma for my family. We backed Brazil. Nearby Hitchin may have been where I was born and, with the exception of a six-week family trip to Barbados to see relatives, England may have been the only country I knew. But when it came to my footballing allegiance, I got my kicks from a country I knew nothing about and with which I had absolutely no connection. At the time, this seemed entirely logical.

Ah, so he grew up - or did a lot of his growing-up in the 1970s, did he?

A quick check revealed he was born in 1969. So he turned ten in 1979.

How hilarious!

I am not the person I was in the 1970s

writes Gary.

No, dear, you're not a tiny little boy any more, are you?

Honestly, the lengths some people will go to to avoid mentioning the 1980s - which is also where Mr Younge did rather a lot of growing up as well, is it not?

What is it with the young PC crowd that mention of the '80s should be avoided at all costs, and claims made on the previous decade which, in reality, they can barely remember - and if they do probably found downright miserable?

Mr Younge and the rest of the enlightened PC crowd are obviously STILL in need of growing up!

In the dreaded 1980s, TV columnist Nina Myskow used to award a media personality the title "Wally Of The Week".

And just for this week we're reviving that title - Gary Younge, you are our Wally Of The Week!

Take a bow.

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