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Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Celebrities Letter To Scotland: Smug, Out Of Date, And INACCURATE

We've never had much respect for the intelligence levels of many celebrities - from the awful self-styled celeb Toby Haydoke, currently cluttering up Dr Who DVD commentaries to Rod Stewart (of half English, half-Scots parentage, born in England but proclaiming himself a Scot), we've had our doubts for decades.

But the letter from 200-odd celebrities urging Scotland to vote NO in its referendum left us gasping. What an eloquent  plea for our "shared country"... hang about our WHAT? Scotland and England are two separate countries, Scotland even has its own parliament which sorts most of its own legislation, so what "SHARED COUNTRY"? Oh, purlease! Britain is a nation, a union of countries. And then there's the province of Northern Ireland, making up the UK.

But with the West Lothian Question and the Barnett Formula and various self-styled (and racist) Celts telling us (falsely) that they have more ties here than anybody else, the majority of everyday English folk would bid a cheerful farewell to Scotland.

If the media would present them with all the facts.

Just think, without the votes of MPs representing Scottish constituencies we would have no Top Up Fees and No Foundation Hospitals in England. Yes, those MPs overturned the vote of English MPs on those matters, although Scotland is not affected. And then the Scots whine on about how Foundation Hospitals, etc, are the nasty English way of doing things.


Cilla Black? Simon Cowell? OOOH! We're impressed! Not.

Get real, you champagne guzzling idiots and come down from your ivory towers.

Life ain't easy for us poor.

And the Scots are far from blameless for that fact.

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