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Monday, April 26, 2010

Why we shouldn't support Cornwall's independence movement...

A Cornish nationalist has told us point blank that we "should support Cornish independence". We disagree. We've been bombarded by tales of the area's "Celticness", the awful past actions of the English, and other things.

But as the "Celtic" thing is actually quite recent, and the true impact of Celtic genetic material in the UK is thought to be very scant indeed, we don't think that this is grounds for supporting independence for Cornwall.

Nope, we don't need to encourage such myths about ancient white tribes.

And the "we have more right here than anybody else - we've been here much longer than you," ethos.

We've read quite a lot from "Celtic" nationalists which smacks of anti-English - and other - bigotry.

We don't want to bolster that.

What we should be doing, in our very humble opinion, is to support those in Cornwall who would like a referendum on the matter.

It's up to the people there to decide. Nobody else.

And it should be their RIGHT to decide if they wish to become a free standing country.

Anything else on the part of the rest of England is sticky beaking - and supporting something which contains elements many of us don't fully understand.

And which also contains elements some of us find disturbing - and appears to be relentlessly hostile and uncaring regarding our efforts to get a fairer deal for England as a nation.

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