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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Unison Union - More Interested In Implementing New Labour Supporting People Policy Than Representing Members' Interests...

From Scotland comes this fascinating article about the in-the-Government's-pocket trade union Unison:

"...corrupt union full-timers more interested in implementing New Labour policy than defending the pay and conditions of their members."

This seems particularly relevant to me at the moment as, under the auspices of the odious Supporting People quango, another round of horrendous cutbacks and redundancies is being carried out in the social care sector. Under orders from and "in cahoots" with Supporting People, the giant axe is swinging again.

A dear friend of mine, who has a front-line job in the care sector which brings in a very meagre salary, faces redundancy, or, possibly, a large drop in salary. No fat cat this. In fact, my friend would have difficulty in affording to keep a domestic cat!

Others are similarly affected and, as usual, the vulnerable adults who are the service users have not been consulted.

And Unison simply waves it all through.

Not a word.

Not a murmur.

Think how they would have behaved if such things had happened in the 1980s!


Unison is useless. If you are a member, I think you'd be better off spending your monthly membership fee on chocolate teapots.

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