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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat Programme Covers Up Truth About Tuition Fees...

It was my grave misfortune today to catch a snatch of the BBC Radio 1 "Newsbeat" programme. The subject was: 'DO You Trust Politicians?' - in particular with regard to university tuition fees - and the opinions were sought of various young audience members. There was one who thought we should follow Scotland's leadership and have none. There was the Scottish one who declared that it was terrible that in England the fees should be charged. There was the presenter who referred to the "UK" when he meant England and Wales only.

But nowhere was it mentioned that tuition fees in England were foisted on us by the votes of MPs representing Scottish constituencies whose own constituents would not be having them.

English MPs voted against them. This is the West Lothian Question in action. It was the same scenario with Foundation Hospitals.

But, far from being a vindictive usurper of the will of England's MPs, Scotland was presented on Newsbeat as being a fair-minded, sensible place - one whose lead we should follow.

What a sickening mangler of facts the BBC is.

And how stupid are young people in England to believe it.

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