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Monday, November 15, 2010

Why Do English Bloggers Insist On Celt And Celtic?

One of the biggest causes of artificial divisions between the English, Scots and Welsh is the use of the word "Celt" or "Celtic".

It has been proven that the English were and are not Anglo Saxons, and that the Scots and Welsh were and are not Celts.

It's a myth. There may be cultural influences, but we are not separate ancient tribes - and certainly not ancient WHITE tribes.

The so-called Celts have become another group oppressed and abused by the awful English in centuries past.

The term is often used in a racist sense by Welsh, Scots and Cornish writers to imply a sense of belonging to this island far more than the people of England.

So, why do so many English bloggers and web site owners seem so happy to perpetuate the myth?


  1. I think the word neatly encapsulates the insular, retrospective mentality enshrined in the cultures of the little nations. Those cultural differences are what elevate the English and explain the hostility of the Celts to us.

  2. Those in the non-English Regions of the British Isles, suffering from a historical inferiority complex, base their identity on not who they are, but who they are 'not', ie English.

  3. Mr. Gruff,
    Your arrogance is matched only by your ignorance, the word you are looking for is Scots or Scottish, scotch is a drink, and please do not reply, I would gain nothing if I bested a fool.