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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Google: "Happy Holidays"? How Thoughtless and Insensitive!

So, Google flashed "happy holidays" up for Christmas, and a crap tale of kangaroos doing knitting (I kid you not), but decided that New Year was OK, so flashed up "Happy New Year".

A few points...

1) Like many care workers, I was hard at work over the "holiday", so "happy holidays" seems smug and insensitive to me. So, you had a holiday? Lucky Google!

2) Not everybody celebrates New Year when we do, so why is that acceptable? Google really do piss me off. Why can't they just stick to being a search engine, and stop imposing their priggish crap on us? There are too many organisations like Google which seek to dictate to the majority and tell us that our customs and traditions are simply not acceptable.


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