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Friday, January 19, 2007

BBC Newsnight - State of the Union? Arse Licking Farce!

The BBC's Newsnight on Tuesday, 16th January, supposedly had the future of the Union as its subject, but, strangely enough, was jammed full of Scots and hardly an English opinion was to be heard.

Matthew Parris was a disgrace - what a creep that man is. About as much use as a chocolate teapot. Kelvin Mackenzie was interesting. Christine Constable of the English Democrats was marvelous - given the shortness of time allotted to her. Scilla Cullen, of the Campaign for an English Parliament, had flown to Edinburgh to appear only to be told that she would not be allowed to comment as the English were "over-represented". What? The programme was then stuffed so full of Scots it was obscene!

We know that the BBC is an anti-English organisation. We know that it is chockablock with arrogant anti-English types like Kirsty Wark (remember her comment on discovering that she had non-Scottish ancestry? "At least they weren't English!"). But this is ridiculous. We pay the majority of the BBC funding. The continual spotlighting of the Scots' perspective is absurd. There are over 50 million people in England, 5 million in Scotland.

The show was a disgrace, an absolute Scotch arse licking farce. It serves to remind us that once democracy is restored to England, major surgery must be carried out at the BBC.

This blog is supportive of the aims of the Campaign for an English Parliament, but is in no way connected.