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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wales: Free Prescriptions - Subsidised By England's Tax Payers... "We've Made The English Jealous!" Gloats Welsh First Minister Rhodri Morgan...

Read the "Daily Express" story here.

"We have never actually managed to make the English jealous before... but we have done it!"

Who said that and what about? Some proud Welsh or Scots sports fan, exclaiming over a run of good results? Er, no, actually - it was Rhodri Morgan, First Minister of the Welsh Assembly, having a crow about the fact that prescription charges are going to be free in Wales from 1st April, but not in England. See the BBC Online article

The way that people in England are now second class citizens on a whole range of health and democratic matters is of great concern. Even more so because Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are heavily subsidised by tax money from England via the Barnett Formula.

The system is unjust, twisted, corrupt - creating a tiny and all-powerful elite in the UK. But "jealous"?! I personally don't feel jealous. I like Wales. Good fortune that comes its way is usually something I'd celebrate. But this is plain unfair. I know people in England who struggle to meet prescription charges but do not qualify for any help at all.

I feel outraged.

I worry about the voters of the UK, electing the likes of Blair, Brown, Prescott and Morgan. I worry about our Scots-born Prime Minister, and our Scots-born Prime Minister in waiting, both of whom see no need for parity for England in the devolution stakes. All have got a screw loose in my humble opinion.

Things will change. The people of England will not be ignored, ripped off and gloated over for much longer.

Alfie says it all

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Muggleton writes...

I believe that Rhodri Morgan is unbalanced and his comments are evidence of some bizarre kind of hatred of people in England. The man should not be in politics. His attitude is rife, although not often displayed as overtly, amongst MPs from Scotland and Wales. This is why the Union must be ended. These people have been bred on anti-English lies for generations. We cannot trust them and cannot work with them.

This blog is supportive of the aims of the Campaign for an English Parliament, but is in no way connected.

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