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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Andrew Neil - Purveyor of Truth, Meets Harriet Harman - Purveyor of Old Cobblers...

From Waking Hereward - Andrew Neil tells Harriet Harmon the truth of the matter...

Well I happen to know that in Scotland they have absolutely no plans to introduce classes on Britishness, not now, not for the next 5 years….

The halo on St Harriet’s head, placed there by no less than Pope Tony the Innocent, wobbled..

I'm as much of a vidiot at setting DVD recorders as I was at setting video recorders when my parents first rented one in 1983. So I get to miss the BBC's Daily Politics every time its shown. And my computer is dial-up, so I can't easily watch things on line without lots of lovely pauses for "buffering". Shame. Andrew Neil is a great rarity - an informed man, dedicated to telling it like it is.

Alfie has the wonderful story of when Andrew Neil met Harriet Harman, and informed her of a few facts regarding the issue of teaching "Britishness" but only in England's schools, and the general mood of England regarding devolution issues. Read it here:

Andrew Neil is excellent value - a rare and precious thing on today's BBC.

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