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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lorna McAllister of Glasgow - Smug, Anti-English Bigot Displays Her Knowledge On The BBC Site...

The article is now a bit out of date, but I came across it on the Beeb - it asks for comments about this topic:

Increasing demands on social services and less money to go round have led councils in England to restrict access to services such as home care, day services and respite care. The Commission for Social Care Inspection today warned this was happening by default, and without debate. Have you or a relative been told by your council you don't qualify for support to live at home? Do you have to rely on family or friends to help you? Are you a carer filling in the gaps?

Lorna McAllister, of Glasgow, wrote in –

How English! Look to your neighbours. We use our taxes more wisely. Scotland provides free personal care for its elderly. England simply has to do the same……

Crumbs, Lorna, I can see political knowledge isn't your strong point. Don't you know that there is no "English" government and that the UK Government is top-heavy with Scots? Don't you know that your big hearted Scots Chancellor sends sack-loads of English taxes up to Scotland to pay for better services/social benefit payments in his own country?

Look to your neighbour? In the case of England, Scotland often does that - it robs us blind and doesn't give a damn.

It's also interesting that the BBC printed the comment "How English!" from Lorna. Would the BBC have printed bigoted, ignorant snipes about any other group? Of course not!

I've been reading things on certain sites from Scots claiming that Scotland would not lose much financially if it split. That is genuinely good news. As long as that assumption is not based on the premise that Scotland walks off with England's share of the North Sea oil. We haven't forgotten the maritime boundary tweaking carried out by the UK Government.


Sue Campbell

I read the Scottish press quite a lot, and there are a lot of comments like that in certain publications. Lorna is pretty typical. The North Sea oil issue is a hot potato. I read a letter from a Scot this morning smugly claiming that Scotland would only be a billion pounds worse off without English subsidies. Suspect figures - even without giving Scotland England's oil revenue. Even worse, the letter claimed that Wales and Northern Ireland would be bankrupt. This is further evidence of Scots' appalling smugness, selfishness and self delusion. England's relationships with Northern Ireland and Wales should Scotland leave the Union are up to those three countries to decide.

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