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Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Poll - Electorates In England & Scotland Want To Split - Power Hungry Gordon Brown Refuses To Listen...

From the Mail:

A majority of voters in both Scotland and England want the countries to split.

Failing that, both think England should have a Parliament of its own deciding on English affairs without any involvement of Scottish MPs.

The poll findings demonstrate deep and potentially fatal cracks in the 300-year union of the two countries, and threaten to present Gordon Brown with a constitutional crisis if he becomes Prime Minister.

In a further blow to Mr Brown, a majority in both countries want him to call an election within a year of coming to power, to secure his own mandate from the voters.

The ICM survey of attitudes on the Union and nationality was commissioned by the Daily Mail in advance of next week's 300th anniversary of the ratification of the treaty which bound Scotland and England together.

It shows that nearly half of those polled think the arrangement is unlikely to survive more than 25 years.

Two out of three English voters want an end to the subsidies paid to Scotland, and a majority want to end the anomaly that gives Scots MPs at Westminster a say over legislation which affects only England.

Just 31 per cent of people in England say they are British first, and only 15 per cent in Scotland.

Read the rest of this article here:

So, another poll - this one showing clearly that the people of Scotland and England want to split. Yet Gordon Brown, non-Representative (in England) PM in waiting, is still blethering on about the good of the Union.

Shut up, you silly little sod. We want a proper health service in England, access to life-prolonging medications in line with Scotland and Wales, elected national representation, an end to unelected dictates from unelected regional assemblies and the mechanisations of corrupt local government vermin trying to set up "city regions", we want our money spent on OUR public services.

Scotland, your own country, wants out too.


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