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Friday, December 29, 2006

EU Dictates, Scots Bigotry, UK Greed and Corruption - An Evil Brew...

Gerry writes...

You seem to blame the Scots for a lot of England’s woes. Maybe you have a point. But what about the EU? Aren’t you concerned that the Government’s pushing of the EU’s regional agenda is aiding the destruction of England, and that the Government refuses to allow the electorate a say on the EU, whilst our rights and civil liberties are continually eroded by EU dictate?

Gerry, I don’t just blame the Scots, or more correctly a large number of Scots MPs, for "England’s woes". Read through this blog and you will find me railing against Politically Correct English people, UK MPs, the CRE, the BBC, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and the EU.

I am greatly concerned about the EU’s influence and its increasingly autocratic stance. It scares me. So much at the moment is covert, hole-in-the-corner. I distrust the UK government just as wholeheartedly. I don’t say that the UK must go, but we must go back to basics in England with our own parliament - the people must be represented again.

At the moment, uncaring career politicians skip around, many of them riding the UK government’s corrupt gravy trains, or with an eye on a lucrative EU career. Politicians are supposed to be for people. They are not.

Things must change and the time will come when they will. I don’t believe that history will look kindly upon the EU dictatorship or the UK politicians of the current day.

Politicians simply seem to be getting away with what they can whilst they can, relying on voter apathy. There is no integrity, no loyalty to the electorate.

I do believe that the Scots angle is important. The UK Government appeared to have bought off Scots Nats (or so it hoped!) with the Scottish Parliament, at great cost to England. It also meant that the Government’s EU agenda could go forward. England could be carved up into regions and the Scots, believing themselves a nation, would be quiet.

Things are not turning out that way.

I believe that we live in frightening times, that politicians are out of touch with the people, that the majority are greedy, uncaring and corrupt and that the EU project should be halted. I am not an isolationist - interaction and integration is fine - but dictatorship is not.

People seem to be awakening, very slowly, from a long sleep. I remember, having an absolutely frantic time as a Socialist in the 1980s, attending protest after protest - the miners, Red Wedge, Clause 28...

I felt burned out by the early 1990s, and yawned my way dazedly through the Major era. I celebrated the arrival of Blair. But things were not what they seemed. New Labour is not Labour.

Society is now far more fragmented than in the 80s, but people are beginning to wake up. I believe that the day is coming when the electorate will demand an accountable government.

In the meantime, I do a little for the cause by writing this blog. I do believe (as a half-Scot myself) that Scottish bigotry is a major contributory factor to the plight England now finds itself in, but I do not see it as the only factor - far from it.

Please take a closer look at this blog. I would be happy to answer any further queries.


Sylv from Salford...

The EU is evil. I don't know how it gets away with it. But it would be nothing without the likes of the UK Government and Opposition parties, selling our souls for their MPs career advancement.

What a glittering stage to prance on - and stuff democracy!

There are loads of wrongdoers spotlighted on 'ere, not just the Scottish - including Channel Four, British Gas, the National Mint... perhaps you need an eye test, Gerry? Great if you live in Scotland...

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