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Friday, January 19, 2007

Anti-England Tory Leader David Cameron Strikes Again!

Interesting news from the English Democrats site. Apparently Tory leader David Cameron has stated on BBC News 24: "I don't want an English Parliament". The electorate wants it, but David doesn't. Not surprising when one considers his vehemently anti-English stance last year - more about that here.

See the full English Democrats post here:
Karen, Leeds
I shall never, ever forget the way that Cameron has stuck the knife into England. Not once, but several times. "Sour little Englanders"? And now, despite recent poll results, the man still won't listen to reason. David Cameron is not really a Unionist. He does not want a fair, democratic Union. He does not like England or the English and has made that plain. David Cameron is a sour and completely unreasonable Little Scotlander.
The Conservative Party is finished, just like New Labour. New parties, like the English Democrats, must now emerge to take centre stage.

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