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Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Great "Celtic" Comfort Blanket...

"The justification for England's enforced generosity to its neighbours used to be that they needed it. Now, however, we know that Britain's poorest areas are in London. The real reason for the Great Celtic Comfort Blanket can no longer be disguised: it's simply a bribe to buy quiescence. For the English, the people of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have become the UK's whining children, forever threatening to wet their knickers in public unless they're given a lolly. They'll go independent unless they can have their own parliament which, by the way, will need a £400m building. They'll starve themselves to death unless they can have their own TV channel. They'll protract their dreary, sectarian squabble unless English politicians organise them a peace process. They repay the English for conceding these demands by blowing them up, burning down their homes and, even worse, supporting their opponents on the football field."

- David Cox - /22/4/2002

New Statesman

Interesting quote culled from the CEP News Blog.

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