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Sunday, January 28, 2007

My sheer joy at humiliating the English... by Gordon Brown

Scots soccer fans on the rampage at Wembley in 1977. Gordon Brown saluted them.

He claimed Scotland were the real world champions because they beat Bobby Moore's heroes soon afterwards. And he revelled in the 'sheer joy of defeating the English at their own game'.
The Chancellor also saluted Scottish hooligans who tore up the Wembley turf and broke the crossbar after another victory over the English.

In an article entitled Why Scotland Means The World To Me, self-proclaimed "Tartan Army" member Mr Brown invokes ancient battlefield defeats by the English at Flodden and Culloden to explain why he enjoyed beating the Auld Enemy at football so much.

The remarks are in stark contrast to his comments two weeks ago about England's bid to host the competition in 2018, when he said twice that he hoped England would win.
Asked if he meant winning the right to host the tournament or 'win the whole thing', he replied: "Both."

When a row ensued in Scotland, Mr Brown said his first choice would be for Scotland to win the World Cup, but if they were knocked out he would back England.

But he did not cheer for England in his article for the book Football And The Commons People about MP soccer fans, published in 1994, the year Tony Blair become Labour leader and when Mr Brown was Shadow Chancellor.

See the full Daily Mail article here:

Nowadays thoroughly British Gordy apparently loves England's national football team... Or does he? His treatment of England in general indicates that his competitive dislike of England runs deep and is spread far wider than any sports field.

It's narrow minded Scottish hatred of England that has caused many recent problems and has led to that country abusing English trust and colonising England. I suspect that this is at the root of many of our problems. Coupled with Politically Correct/lazy/corrupt English MPs refusing to do their jobs.

Brown's comments about football indicate that this Scotch apple has not fallen very far from the tree. The man's more twisted than a Rubik's Cube.

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